Poker, prizes and a pair of socks

So a bunch of my co-workers have been playing monthly poker games together. The Monday they come back after the game I hear all the stories and it always sounds like it had been such a fun time. My husband and I were invited last time, but we didn’t go and I didn’t get the time change on the invite until after the fact. But we would have spoiled the game because we aren’t really big poker players. But all the teasing and stories and fun moments I have been hearing about has made me want to learn to play. Where better to learn then online?

FaceUp Gaming is a free online poker gaming site. Eventually once you learn you can find out about online poker tournaments and such, but for me it would be about figuring out strategy and poker rules. They have special prizes and promotions, you know, incentives to want  join their poker site as opposed to other ones out there. But I like FaceUp Gaming because you can connect with Facebook and play with friend or meet new friends.

Plus if I end up getting good of course I’ll want to be able to win a prize! As for right now, my co-workers joked with me the other day when I told them that the only pair I know about is a pair of socks.

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  1. This title is just too funny. I love when bloggers can come up w/unique titles like these, makes you actually want to read the blog! :)

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