A not so secret, SECRET PAGE, by the band “Say No”

Music influenced by the Sex Pistols, Oasis and Kasabian? Hmm. The band “SAY NO” has a new Link to this Secret Page which will allow fans to check out SEVEN tracks off their upcoming album.

Also if you vote on the page you can get a free copy of the first single before the release date. But wait, the band has done Prices Right style and given MORE chances to win! And in this instance you really just can’t say no, right? There’s a chance to win an iPad or $50 iTunes gift card. Come on! SO you get to heard tracks from the upcoming release, you get to download a copy of the first single if you vote AND you might win an iPad or $50 iTunes Gift card. I’d say it’s worth clicking and checking out simple for those odds!

The SAY NO super secret fan page (which obviously won’t be so super secret after this post) can be found here: Say No Secret Page

I am very much amused by their website because normally when you get to a band’s main home page you are brought to information about the band. Their bio or press kit is right there to look through, but SAY NO’s main page simply says “Who cares about a bio? Listen to our music.” Wow, so much for web keywords they are THAT confident in the tracks, so confident they want to share a bunch because they know you will be inclined to buy their highly-anticipate album which comes out this year.

So go for it!

Visit Sponsor's SiteThis post brought to you by SAY NO. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. Thanks for the information! I have not heard of the band before, but will definitely check them out. THANKS!! :)

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