What kind of poker player are you? Rock? Monster?

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I’ll tell you, I’ve written about poker before because my co-workers get together after work about once a month and play a game of poker. I’ve never gone because I have no clue how to play. I understand that you are looking for pairs and such, but I cannot even begin to tell you want a flush is in relation to cards.

AtlanticPoker teaches about the game, but it also teaches how to read other people playing. They have a page called, “Poker Room Personalities” and it discusses how different people relate to the card game and what their personality can tell you about how they approach the game.  For example, “The most frustrating player, who you’ll find is often the source of the most drama at the poker table, is the monster. Monsters bet big, and they bet big all the time, going all in on terrible hands either because they’re using play money or because they know that huge bets are likely to intimidate other players.” And so the AtlanticPoker guide says you should always call this type of player on their bluffs, because they will bluff a lot.

I think I’d be a Rock player, because the Rock player holds their cards close to their chest and never risks anything less than a pair of face cards. Yep. That sounds like how I would be, haha.

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1 thought on “What kind of poker player are you? Rock? Monster?

  1. I love poker but the “monster” can ruin the game for you. It takes the fun out of it when people don’t play their hands right. Oh and a flush is all 5 cards of the same suit and no order sequence is needed. A straight flush is k-9 of same suit. And a Royal Flush which is the greatest hand in game is A-10 all of same suit.

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