Donald Trump your son made an idiot move

As a mother I know my children have made mistakes and yes I do defend them often because everyone makes mistakes and learning from it is important. But there are times when a mistake is so ridonkulous that I just have to tell them they’ve made a bad move and will have to deal with the consequences.

Donald Trump‘s son is the highlight of controversy today because he posed in pictures after a hunt.

Now I have a lot of friends who hunt and pose in pictures with what they have killed. I don’t like seeing those photos, but whatever if it is duck hunting season or deer hunting season I know to expect strange Facebook pictures with nightscope vision and dead animals.

This however is a completely different story, because Donald Trump’s son is seen posing with an elephant trunk in his hand. GEW! I’m not including a link to the photo or the actual photo because it disturbs me.

Isn’t elephant hunting illegal? It should be, I don’t think I have ever read anywhere that there is an elephant population problem anywhere in the world. So why in the name of the Universe would anyone proudly hunt and elephant and cut it’s trunk off as a trophy? What kind of a sick moment that must have been…

Donald Trump is defending his son now that controversy has arisen regarding the photos, but I think he should smack his boy on the back of the head for this one and tell him he’ll have to deal with the wrath of animal activists everywhere for making such an idiot move.

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