Parlovr Announce North American Tour, to play with Flaming Lips, Of Montreal & Bleached

One of the more indefinable acts to emerge from Montreal’s burgeoning indie scene in recent years, Parlovr is a trio built on unrelenting creativity, ambitiously pushing towards a blend of retro surf and soul nestled within hyper modern pop songs quickly earning global attention.

Kook Soul is Parlovr’s next full-length foray strives to break new ground, even as it keeps an eye to the past. Though the band’s sonic tangent continues unabated, it now draws more heavily on the fundamental elements of rock and roll, striving to stretch them further than before.

“Thematically, the whole record is about remembering, and pining over relationships and all the different shapes they take throughout one’s life,” Cooper explains. “Heartbreak, infatuation, teenage love, old age regret, faded feelings.”

Those timeless sensations inspired what Cooper calls the “retro futuristic motif” that fills and surrounds the record. Few bands are capable of such range without creative compromise or the loss of accessibility.

“We kept going back to one of our favorite records, Flaming Lips‘ Soft Bulletin, for production and sound ideas,” he adds. “That and a lot of other 50s stuff.”

Recorded during winter of 2011 with Martin Horn of Digital Bird Studios, the album makes good on the aesthetic its name promises. Tracks expand and contract, with epically inclined, organ-driven builders like “Married On A Sunday” and stay-at-home soul chops like those showcased on “Amaze-Me-Jane.”

Ultimately, Kook Soul is as much a testament to the band’s knowledge of the past as it is the strength of its vision. A vision that is realized as Parlovr ceases to be a band worth watching, transformed instead into one that must be followed.

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