Aaron Lewis: Country Music Star?

It’s Sunday morning before I have to go into work at 1:30pm and I’m scrolling through the new releases in the Country section of the iTunes store and I come across the name Aaron Lewis.  “That name sounds familiar” I say to myself.  “Where have I heard it before?  I know I recognize it” I prattle on inside my own head.   Then I click on the name and up comes his “Endless Summer” single artwork with his picture and it hits me like a sopping wet towel to the face.  AARON LEWIS…of STAIND.   Everyone knows the band Staind with each and every song in the key of  “slow and droning”.  They never have been my cup of cyanide but Aaron Lewis is the voice and principle songwriter for Staind and he, like the trend many other pop/rock/suicidewatch musicians, has decided to jump formats in to country.   Darius Rucker (formely of Hootie and the Blowfish) did it and has achieved much success.  Bon Jovi even did it and succeeded.  Now you may add Aaron Lewis to the list.

You may think country music is a wild departure from the typical stylings of Staind but if you think about it much of country music themes are eerily aligned with the subject matter Lewis is accustomed to writing about, heartache, love lost, sad stuff, angry stuff, etc.  And then there’s the antithesis to all of that which, suprisingly, Lewis has chosen to tackle with his single entitled “Endless Summer”.  It’s…fun.  Upbeat even.  Not what I think of when I hear Lewis’ name and that’s a very good thing.  It’s a summer themed song just in time for, well, summer.  He joins the ranks of feel good, carefree country rock artists and he sounds like he’s been doing this his whole musical career.  In it, he throws a shout out to Jason Aldean and even takes a jab at Miley Cyrus. (and good for him).

In the mornin’ on a Saturday
I got my girls and we’re skippin’ town
In my ’67 442 got the rag top down
Aldean’s on the radio
Ain’t it funny how they sing along
Makes you smile just a little bit because it’s not a Miley Cyrus song

These are the moments we can share
Come on let me take you there

Loadin’ up and living right
Fast cars on a summer night
Breeze is warm and the moon is bright
This endless summer

This entire post may read like a hyperactive kid who just drank 4 cups of coffee wrote it and that’s because I’m genuinely surprised.  Never once did Aaron Lewis and country even come close to each other in my mind but now that I’ve heard some of what he’s written, I’m actually anticipating hearing more!

Much to my surprise this is NOT his first foray into the country realm.  In 2011 he released an EP length album titled “Town Line” which was his proverbial “ground breaking” entry in to his new market with his lead single “Country Boy” featuring the talents of Charlie Daniels and George Jones.

Endless Summer ($1.29 available on iTunes) is the first single from his upcoming full-length country release entitled “The Road” slated to release in June this year and you know what?  I’m going to get it and listen because I’m truly curious about what I’m going to hear.

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