What time is it? Just a hair past a freckle!

Hahaha, I do not joke, I have no idea what time it is half the time because I do not wear a watch.

My Dad used to wear a watch and then he broke so many that he stopped wearing one. I actually thought about getting him one for Father’s Day because I want him to have a sturdy watch that can handle the kind of abuse it would go through being on my Dad’s wrist.

Have you ever heard of Bulova Precisionist Watches?

One of the Bulova watches is water resistant for up to 300m. It is also made with a scratch resistant mineral crystal and has a three year warranty. The Blue Dial website where I found these watches offers free two day shipping which makes it all the more tempting to get him one for his birthday this summer since I did not end up getting him one for Father’s Day.

It’s something I’ll ponder for sure. I do know there are some people who genuinely appreciate a good wrist watch. My boss at work wears one, it’s nothing fancy, but it tells time and I see she is always wearing it. And she’s a pretty tech savvy, iPhone carrying lady, so watches must not be completely out of style. ;)