To Query or Not to Query… the Webmaster

Sometimes the fact that I am a web developer and have been for a decade now really doesn’t matter. The technology of the web is ever evolving, adapting and changing so there is always going to be something which comes up and I am not an expert. Thankfully exists and you can quickly add a Webmaster Question to their forum or you can look through to see if there are any questions you would be able to answer.

There are experts on CSS or in PHP, whatever it is you might be struggling in you know you’re going to find someone who will have tackled the same problem. Being able to answer (and sometimes) debate with other like minded talents is fun and challenging.

In all honesty, the site might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but developers don’t need that. What they need is the information, the content, and the content is here. Then your best bet is to either ask your own question or hunt and peck around to see what you could learn about up-and-coming technologies. There are more than just Q&As available at there are also guides and tutorials you can peruse. Should you feel so inclined you can create your own and share them with other developers which would be sweet.

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