Vipre Antivirus should be first choice

Computers these days come preinstalled with their anti-cirus software of choice. As a web developer and someone who has worked with information technology for the last ten years I can tell you the first thing I do when I get a new computer is to remove whatever was pre-installed.

It is much better to choose software you trust and that suits your needs better. If you are a gamer or someone who uses their computer intently and devoutly than you don’t want a cookie cutter out-of-the-box program. This is why I find VIPRE Antivirus to be the best fit for me now that I’m using it.

Once your download the software and insert your serial number it installs and scans your PC within minutes. (While also letting you know it is looking for updated threat definitions which you ALWAYS want to see your anti virus program doing).  And the best part is that you can continue working the entire time and it won’t bog down your system resources. What other scan program can you say effectively does that? I have not found anyway!

In addition, other programs I have used in the past have been specific to either spyware, adware or anti-virus but not all encompassing. Vipre Antivirus hits a variety of key attackers at once identity thieves, spammers, and hackers to name a few. This software looks for bots, hijacking villains like trojans and even rootkits, it really does protect the entire computer.

What more can I say? If you have had antivirus programs fail you in the past then what can you lose by trying out this one? Go for it!

If you want to read more information you can check out their website at


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