The amazing Arctic Row 2012

from left to right: Collin, Scott, Paul, and Neal

from left to right: Collin, Scott, Paul, and Neal

This is not the typical piece, but I read about the team of people who have just documented their trip across the arctic ocean. Did they using a plane? Nope. Did they motor in a fancy boat? Nope. They rowed, that’s right, rowing equals human powered in a rowboat. I am quite simply just fascinated by this and wanted to share.

It pleases me to have news not related to politics happening right now! The team just hit dry land yesterday and all their world record numbers are in the process of being verified. Including:

  • Longest non-stop and unsupported row in Arctic history, measured by duration and distance
  • First Non-icerated boat past Barrow in 2012
  • First non-stop and unsupported international row over 1000 miles in Arctic waters.
  • First row from Inuvik to Point Hope
  • Pioneered a new route for modern ocean rowing spanning the Beaufort and Chucki Sea between Inuvik, CA and Point Hope, AK
  • First modern four man row in Arctic Ocean history
  • First human powered crossing of both Beaufort and Chucki Sea, non-stop and unsupported
  • First row covering all of Alaska’s North Slope, non-stop and unsupported
  • First ocean row in the arctic to combine human power exploration and marine science.

For science, Arctic Row has partnered with Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation and Professor Russell Hopcroft of the University of Alaska Fairbanks to conduct research on the role of whale olfaction in feeding habits in the Arctic Ocean and collect plankton samples to increase understanding of this key food source for marine mammals.

For mankind, our team of four will set a Guinness Book Record and complete one of the world’s last great firsts: A non-stop, unsupported crossing of the Arctic Ocean by rowboat in July 2012. We will explore the unknown and advance the mettle of man. Arctic Row is a 30-day expedition in July 2012 to row 1,100 miles across the Arctic Ocean.

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