Rainbow, strappiness and ruffles

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I could even dabble in fashion blogging. To be honest, I’ve never felt fashion conscious and have always teased my younger brother that he has far more fashion sensibility than I do.

But thanks to Pinterest, I now have a board where I have posted outfits I like and I’m hoping they will motivate me to work out and really focus on losing this baby weight after I give birth in October. So I thought I’d start by saying I found an adorable dress, rainbow spaghetti straps and ruffles which I have pinned, but I also ordered it, because it’s going to be my motivator hanging in my closet.

Is it not the cutest dress ever? And since it is more of a spring/summer dress I know I’ll be able to fit into it when the timing is right. I’m seriously going to kick butt, fit into it and then have my husband take me out to dinner!

Maybe next on the list will be for next Fall/Winter, it’s a dress with long sleeves but a full medium length skirt. There is a contrast panel round neck and the bodice is striped. I think it’s adorable and would even be appropriate to wear for a work function where I work on campus.

Needless to say both of those dresses some from Oasap High Street Fashions which is a site I stumbled upon recently. They have really adorable accessories, too, scarves, rings, belts, bags, etc. And the best thing are their constant amazing sales. No, they did not ask me to tell you that, I’m just sharing because it’s true and if they could get me into thinking more fashionable that is a HUGE feat.

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