The best candid captures happen in photo booths

If ever I am able to become an esteemed photographer at events, which I would love to be able to make a living off of as many of you know, having my own photo booth would be a must.

Last year I went to a wedding and the photo booth has props so we were able to get some really hilarious shots of guests. But what made it even cooler is that it printed a duplicate of the photo strip which means the guest kept one and the other strip was pasted into a guestbook. How cool is that!?

Just imagine if you were able to buy a photo booth and then bring it to kids parties, I mean come on, you can’t get any cuter than kids cheesing it up for the camera. Plus, if you add a box full of props with glasses, hats, boas or even cat ears it would just make the photos even better. With Halloween just around the corner you could definitely get a great deal on props after the fact.

I know when I bring my kids into the office they always want me to use the web cam to take pictures of them being all silly, so I am positive an actual booth would be a hit.

Let’s face it, having a photographer is great but there is no way to capture photo booth shots without a photo booth because when a guest enters and can just relax and be silly you finally get some great pictures of them in their own candid element.