Have you heard and seen Crabapple, Boekbinder, & Batt?

Okay so this video is really great. It looks like it probably took ages to make, all the illustrations and pieced together animation, I love it!

It’s called “I Have Your Heart” and it was put together by Crabapple, Boekbinder, & Batt.

Kim Boekbinder is the lady behind the music. She performs under the alias The Impossible Girl which is also the title of her debut solo album released in 2010. Her music defies all realms of what is mainstream and on air these days. She is currently working on an album ‘The Sky Is Calling’, and believe it or not it has been mostly crowdfunded. How often do you find an artist the crowds love so much that they band together to raise money for album production?

Boekbinder’s music has piqued my interest in spite of the fact that it took me a few listens to really get into “I Have Your Heart” but then it was stuck in my head and so I sought out more. You can hear more from her in am embed below this video. Each song is a gem. Great lyrics, vocals, melodies and fantastic production.

A little bit about the illustrator seen in this video, Molly. She has created Victorian inspired art for clients including The New York Times, Red Bull, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and more. Molly’s fine art projects include Week in Hell, where she locked herself in a hotel suite for a week, filled 270 feet of walls with art, going quite mad in the process, and Shell Game, a crowd-funded series of ornate, six foot tall paintings about the revolutions of 2011. Super cool.

The genius animator who brought the video together is Jim Batt. He is a filmmaker who currently splits his time between Melbourne and New York, working as both a live action film director and stop-motion animator. He has directed several award winning short films, the feature length silent film ‘Dreamtangle’, as well as many other music videos.

More music from Kim Boekbinder can be heard here:

 – Animator

 Crabapple – 


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