Straight out of Delaware; the Spinto Band

spinto_cc_cover-thumbIf you’re feeling down and out, just pop in the Spinto Band and they’ll make you feel better!

Now, it wouldn’t be a new album from the Spinto Band without a highly entertaining video of some sort and, ta-dah, I’m happy to present something extra complex and creatively joyful!

The Spinto Holiday Spectacular

That 3 minutes of warbly, holiday bliss comes in advance of their new full-length record, Cool Cocoon. Recorded again at their Delaware studio and released on Spintonic Recordings, the album represents a remarkable change of pace. There is more collaboration between songwriters, more spontaneity in the recording process and a distinctively focused sonic direction. Combined, these elements have formed their most cohesive album to date. With Cool Cocoon, you’re hearing a time-lapse of The Spinto Band’s metamorphosis.


COOL COCOON out February 5th, 2013

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