Sophia Bastian and her band pay homeage to Portishead

HelenaKubicka_373_1_low_resNew York soul singer Sophia Bastian puts a contemporary spin on classic soul with an irresistible beat and horn stabs that punctuate her yearning vocals in her sultry jam “Breaking”. Sophia and her band have been playing riotous shows in NYC and LA including opening for The Roots. Prepare to discover one of 2013’s artists to watch!

She has released an alluring new video for “Gloryboxed”. Inspired by mixtape culture, Sophia wanted to pay homage to Portishead’s classic “Glory Box” and took the instrumental to a new place. “I used to listen to ‘Glory Box’ as a kid a lot and was always mesmerized by the melancholy mystique of it,” says Sophia.

Sophia co-directed and styled the video alongside directors Severin Winzenburg and DP Jakob Wiessner to create a classic cinema aesthetic. They sought out a twist on the setting in order to play into the non-transparent storyline; the video was shot on a foggy day against the backdrop of a usual sunny and bright Alpine scenery. Upcoming actor Simon Lohmeyer stars as Sophia’s moody counter part.

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Sophia Bastian – “Breaking” [mp3]


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