You don’t want to miss Lyn Saga’s debut album ‘Venice’

lynsagaWith finger picked guitar and a Weezer-esque garage sound touched by slight elements reminiscent of 50s music, Lyn Saga offers suprisingly catchy music in a culture where most young female artists all have the same auto-tuned pop “stuff”.

How was that for a run-on opener to this post?

When asked, “How does your music separate yourself from other artists and bands out there?” Lyn responded, “My music is very personal and honest. I write lyrics based on my experiences or experiences of people who are close to me.” It’s true in terms of her lyrics and her talents because Lyn doesn’t just sing she is classically trained on the piano and plays guitar. Thanks to her skills she was able to work very closely with her producer while they created her first full length album Venice.

In truth, Lyn Saga offers a bouncy slice of pop-rock. If I had to try comparing her to someone in particular it would be a less dreamy and more raw sounding Rachel Haden. You can listen to “This Way” below to get an idea, I’d love to know what you think. I was given a chance to hear her entire upcoming album and it’s all equally impressive.

My favorite track is “Stay” and yes I do think it will be a ‘single worthy’ track on Venice. She shows reflection in her lyrics and a willingness to let loose and rock out in the music.

Pick up a copy of Lyn Saga’s Venice on January 13, 2013.

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