Zamboni skillz… so not my forte

zambonigoogledoodleIf you have ever wanted to drive a Zamboni over the ice then check out the latest Google Doodle! I’ll admit, I’m terrible at the game on this Doodle, but it’s still fun to try.

I’ve written about Google Doodles in the past. I find the ones I most enjoy, and probably most people enjoy the most, are the animated ones. But Google takes me to yet another level of geeky happiness when they add controllers to their doodles and allow interaction. This Zamboni one reminds me of the doodles they released during the 2012 Summer Olympics. Super cool!

Frank Zamboni was born on January 16th and as you may have guessed he invented the fun-filled ice resurfacer which is why it is called a Zamboni.

Go get your geek on, today on


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