White feathers and Google Play leave me streaming Melodies

PsyfeathersHaving just been out on maternity leave for 10 weeks I lost touch with a lot. Seriously, it has been shameful, I didn’t know who the white-feathered dude on stage during the New Year’s Eve celebrations was and when he started jumping around with MC Hammer, dancing all horse-like I was just amazed he was allowed stage time. So I found out his name is Psy. Then I asked out loud (to my husband and our three kids) what the hell he was wearing, singing and doing!? What is this Gangnam Style and WHY WHY has it taken over social media. Of all things to go viral, really people horse dancing? Yes, I’m not with the times and in this case that is okay with me.

The only thing that could make Psy and his Gangnam business remotely interesting to me is the fact that UDance did a Gangnam Style flash mob on the University of Delaware’s Green while I was out. Had I been in my office at UD I probably would have gone up-campus to see it in person. Fortunately for me there is YouTube.

google-play_616Another things I had not been aware of was the music player Google released. Google Play, which also stores books and games, allows for 20,000 songs to be uploaded and then streamed from anywhere via your Google Login. I can create playlists at home and listen to them at work. It’s lovely, DRM Free and I’m giddy. Plus the Google Music Store is MUCH cheaper than the Apple Music Store. Let me tell you how much $1.29 for ONE song infuriated me! OH IT DID!

What is in your Work Playlist? I can tell you what is NOT in mine and that would be Gangnam Style. I have some Fun., Foster the People, Imagine Dragons, Tears for Fears, Simple Minds, U2, Def Leppard, Lee Brice and Zac Brown Band to name a handful.

Even though it’s easier to stream on Android based phones, I was able to find an app for my iPhone, too. With the Melodies app on my iPhone I can stream during my drive or while in the shower.

Google Play = Awesomeness


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3 thoughts on “White feathers and Google Play leave me streaming Melodies

  1. Oh my Gosh I didn’t know who he was either but they did something about him on Glee so I was forced to find out. I think he’s someone I’d be better off not knowing about it annoyed the crap out of me. Thanks for the magnesium suggestion I’m totally going to the store tomorrow. I am absolutely MISERABLE!

  2. It made me feel SO OLD to not know who he was! But I agree, just seeing him on air for five minutes drove me batty. And I hope the magnesium works for you, it has for me :)

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