Acting like I ain’t got nothing to prove…. New video from The Bolts

giraffe-theboltsSo the band, The Bolts, dress up in disguises throughout their new video. Which is funny because while I was listening to their new song all I could think about what how it would be perfect in a What’s New Scooby Doo episode. My kids watch those shows and there is often a band associated with the shows. I mean Kiss has even been featured in one of the shows. But there was an entire episode done with the band Simple Plan, the bandmates were made into cartoons in the show and they played throughout. Now I doubt they were going for that when they wrote and performed “The Truth” but what can I say?

One of the guys comes walking up to the camera with a terrifying giraffe mask on. It was at that point I knew I had to write about them because I am petrified of giraffes and that mask was awesomely perfectly horrific to me. Fortunately the music was not horrific. I read they are supposed to have fused elements from Queen, The Beach Boys, Muse and The Killers but I do not get that at all. I think they are far more like Yellowcard or aforementioned Simple Plan.

I hear some rock, I hear some pop and I hear some punk while I’m listening. There is a definite urgency in “The Truth” an assertion in both sound and lyrics. They sing, “I wanna be the end of an era” but I think The Bolts are more likely to be the beginning of something.

The Bolts showcase their stadium ready talents with nonchalance and confidence as if it were all by birthright. Well, that’s pretty much true for siblings, Addam, Heath and Austin Farmer, who along with fellow Bolts, Matt Champagne and Ryan Kilpatrick create a unique pop rock sound that pulsates with muscular musicianship, brilliant 4-part vocal harmonies, and multiple lead vocalists.

If I were there producer or manager or whatever, I would get in touch with Warner Bros. because their music was meant for What’s New Scooby Doo?

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