The Blog Workshop is a MUST for you passionate bloggers and vloggers out there #TBW

tbw-callout-bannerThis is something I’ve been avidly working on for my own site. I want to take to the next level. Yeah, we’re going steady but I’m thinking we need to think about a wedding.

There’s this amazing 3-day workshop (The Blog Workshop) specifically for bloggers and vloggers who are sincere in going the extra mile for their website. It’s aptly named “The Blog Workshop” and the conference spans from May 17 through 19th, 2013. And really the great thing about this workshop is that it is online. You can be anyone, anywhere and if you’re interested you can go online and be a part of the conference by registering here. This is especially important for people like me who are already working full-time, who might be a mom with three kids ;) and might also be insane enough to be taking a class while trying to keep up with a blog. *raising hand*

Some of the speakers who will be presenting include:

  • Ryan Schram, he is with the company IZEA and Crystal Duncan, they are some of the minds behind payperpost and socialspark
  • Lindsay Lee, she is co-founder of Blog Trends
  • There will be representatives from BlogAds
  • Stepfanie Cuevas, she’ll discuss sponsorship and advertising, her site is
  • Laura Summers, Blogging for Business, her site is
  • Da Vinci, she is a Lifestyle Blogger/VLogger, known for the Your Life After 25 brand
  • DeeDee Cocheta, from A.B.C. Publicity, she’s a guru of PR and branding
  • Holly Hamann, she’ll discuss Sponsorship & Monetization, she’s behind BlogFrog
  • more TBA

You are going to want to register now, in advance, because you will get emails leading up to the conference with more information. They do offer scholarships and grants for those who would like to virtually attend. There are discounted tickets available through Indiegogo campaign perks, more about the Indiegogo campaign below. Perks include t-shirts, tickets, and other bloggy swag. The IndieGoGo campagin will accept anything from $25 to $50 or even $1 if that’s what you can contribute at the moment. So make a contribution and earn a perk, there’s a helpful widget below.

You can check out The Blog Workshop website right now because there are a myriad of useful tips you can put into motion starting today. Including pages of ideas on how to handle SEO. There is a page on using videos to promote your site with practical YouTube SEO tips that will help your videos be more interactive and get more views.

All the links you need:

Registration Link