Fresh…In the air, air, air; Gone By Daylight

gone by daylight tour posterWhen you find yourself first diving into the music of Gone By Daylight, the sound will linger, you’re going to be thinking about it and finding yourself humming riffs. Their track, “Wanna Take A Ride” has an excellent, killer, power punk guitar solo about three quarters into the track, you’ll know it. And the great thing about the band is the wide span of music they tackle and they totally kill it. It’s not like listening to a playlist where every song sounds way too similar, no, these guys bring multifariousness into music.

Recently, I was able to ask the band some questions about what they have going on in their lives and what’s happening with their music. Eric Paquette (Lead Singer, Guitar), Jeff Lynch (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Jordan KIng (Bass, Vocals); and Shaanan King (Drums). They are wicked fun people in addition to all being skillz superior in the musical realm ;)

There are big things in store for Gone By Daylight and when asked about how they felt about the upcoming cross country tour this Spring, Jordan said, “It’s great! It’s something that we’ve all been working towards and been looking forward to, so its nice to see it all come together. Besides, we get to spread some love and some Rock N Roll and meet and really build a relationship with people that we’ve never met before. We’re especially excited for SXSW.”

I have to laugh, it’s so true, when you have great music and good people it really is all about spreading the love. I mean it’s good times had by all and the excitement, the rush, the passion for just playing the song and being thrilled to be on stage shows through.

The guys will be touring from NYC to LA with Man on Earth so check out their tour schedule and make sure to be at one or more of their shows.

Now, my fave Gone By Daylight song is “Up in the Air,” it’s less punky and more catchy than some of the other tracks I have heard from the band. “With your hands in the air, air, air.” Makes me want to raise my hands and jump and sing. I asked who wrote the song and if there was personal meaning or background to it, Eric said, “I wrote this one. The verse chords was something I started toying with honestly when I was 18. It took years for me to decide to use it for a song. We were messing with some synth and dance elements in the studio which gave it a big airy, spacious vibe. Which went perfectly I thought with the lyric ‘Up in the air’. It’s mainly about that feeling of being invincible and and romancing it a bit between two lovers. I wanted to capture [how] you feel when you start to fall for someone. It also presents the question…. Do you want to sit around and watch your dreams/love float away, or make something of it?”

Q. An Axe Body Spray commercial? How did that happen? What was the process like?

“Yaa Axe Body Spray Haaa! Who doesn’t wanna smell fresh ta death!! It was an opportunity that was presented to us and we went for it. The process was actually a 3 day call back deal followed by the shoot which we did at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC w/about 100 Extras. We basically just played that opening riff over and over from the song “Big Riff” while the main model/actress of the shoot flashed us (with tape over her nipples of course) haha.

But all in all it was a hell of a time and we got to meet a ton of people. Now if only we could see the commercial! It was only aired in Latin speaking countries.” -Jordan

Come on now I know you love the band just a little bit more because of the “fresh ta death” comment. Ha!

Q. What are your hopes for 2013? Is there an album release on the horizon?

2013 is a fresh year. Right now are gearing up for the road as well as finishing some tracks in the studio before we heard out. We’ve been recording for the last couple years at various studios and have a a lot of new music on the way. In the meantime, our Big Riff EP just dropped and will be on iTunes very soon as well. -Eric

Okay and this has just always been a trademark scrink question. I am obsessed with music AND food. Okay. I can’t get enough of either, seriously, it’s good to be me ;) So I always want to know the favorite comfort foods of groups, singers, etc. Because they have stressful lives, it is not easy being on the road, constantly perfecting and draining yourself of all possible energy. You know what I’m saying?

Q. This is one I have asked in each interview I have conducted. It’s a fluff question but I enjoy it. What is your favorite comfort food?

Jordan – Myself I always enjoy a good Shepard’s Pie Haaaaahaaaaha! I also don’t mind a round of Tacos!!!

Shaanan- Shepard’s Pie

Jeff – Celeste Pizza

Eric – Pu Pu Platter, extra crab rangoons and pork fried rice on the side.

That settles it, I need to find a way to get my grub on with Gone By Daylight :)