Add some music to your royalty free collection

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English: Vinyl Disc Record clip art – vector clip art online, royalty free & public domain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you spend time scouring the web for legit sites to find clipart, stock photos and audio then you know what a pain in the arse it can be. Working in communications I have built a bookmark library which I send to fellow co-workers or friends when they are in need of copyright free media. One of the audiobanks I use is

First of all it is absolutely hilarious to read their music of the day choice because whomever writes for this site is pretty awesome. So above and beyond the media they offer royalty free, it’s simply a well written site. For instance today the music of the day is called “vampire chase scene thriller” and the description includes the text “It’s Buffy Meets True Blood or The Walking Dead Meets Dexter” and I was chuckling while reading, but the thing is that description is spot on. And they know how media designers are going to be searching and thinking about projects which I really appreciate.

There is a great menu down the left navigation which breaks down music by genre and my characteristics. So if you’re looking for seasonal music or you’re looking for something with a specific beat than you will have more than one way to find it. There is also a a list for TV/MOVIES and so it will be named to let you know if the music is fantasy or adventure and it will also have a similar naming convention to the show you were thinking about when you went searching. Any new royalty free music they have available will show up in a front page query as well so if you want to just check back every now and then and download new stuff so you can just build a library on your computer to share with people.

Check it out,!