My My Blue Angel

LakeIsle_Winter-Lights-CoverWhen I heard Lake Isle’s “Blue Angel” for the first time it actually felt reminiscent. There is something about the bass line and the slow count rhythm to this song that takes me back to earlier years. I can’t quite place it, but it’s because of this sense of knowing that I have decided to write about the band.

Lake Isle takes its name and inspiration from the Yeats’ poem, “The Lake Isle of Innisfree.” We are a ‘band of brothers’, four dedicated musicians who’ve been at it for a while: Mark Dougherty, Shawn Smith, Andy Foster, Chris Micca and Owen Burd.

The track Blue Angel is good, I like it, but it’s slow and so I went looking for their opening track Steel Rails. I mean the opening track on an album normally sets the stage, right? It does have a much quicker rhythm and once the vocals pick up after the first minute I’d say I like Steel Rails better than Blue Angel but they are VERY similar sounding.

There is a line in the band’s bio which says, “The band made tireless work seem like an understatement. Whether investing in rehearsal time, searching for the perfect vintage gear, or plunging into intense song-writing sessions — blood, sweat and tears (and a lot of passion) went into into the crafting of Winter Lights.” It might be an inside joke for them and so I won’t totally insult it but why add the part about vintage gear because that right there instantly makes me think these guys are hipsterly fool of themselves. Vintage gear might make you feel cool but it has nothing to do with blood and sweat OR tireless work. My mind went to Ryan Adams circa 2004 when he was a complete ass and walked off stage if people didn’t respond to him the way he wanted them, too. I hope these guys re nothing like that, but again it feels reminiscent.

Winter Lights
Releases June 30, 2013

1. Steel Rails
2. Anodyne
3. Change You
4. Funhouse
5. Into the White
6. Virginia
7. Round and Round
8. Night Before
9. Blue Angel
10. Wake Up
11. Dangerous
12. Love and Photographs