My Dog Is Cool t-shirt from RedRover

my-dog-is-coolWe use to have a dog, a Maltese, her name was Mya Marie and she was a rescue. I cannot imagine ever having left her in a hot car with nothing but a cracked window to keep her safe. Sadly people do this to their pets. It’s wonderful you would like to bring your pet along for the ride but it’s terrible to keep them locked in a hot car when you run errands.

So even on what feels like a mild day to you please understand that the inside of your car is easily 30 degrees warmer than it is outside. Yes that means even when it is 70 degrees and gorgeous outside it can get up to 100 degrees inside your vehicle. Even if your pet is able to breathe in the car they can still end up with brain damage from high heats. So many people do not think about the temperature and I just want to take a minute to bring this up since today it’s going to be 90 degrees outside here in Delaware.

There is a new push for bringing this news to people’s attention and in an effort to spur conversation you can purchase an “My Dog Is Cool” t-shirt. The shirt is from RedRover whose motto is “Bringing Animals from Crisis to Care.”

RedRover says:

Our My Dog Is Cool t-shirt is made from 100% ringspun cotton, and is lightweight with an eye-catching design. If you make an additional donation of $10 or more with your purchase, we’ll include a bumper sticker and five My Dog Is Cool fliers that you can share with others!