Kill me how many times now? Kill Me 3 Times

Simon PeggI’m laying it all out there for you when I say I did not give two hoots about this movie, Kill Me Three Times, until I saw Simon Pegg was starring and then I knew it would be on my list of musts. There are just some actors who should not be missed on the big screen and Simon Pegg is one of them. I love him in every movie he has ever played, he is hilarious, he can make even a spoof something worth watching. Needless to say I am anxious to see him in this crime thriller flick. And I see there is a Hemsworth cast in the show…not Chris, not Liam but Luke. Who is this Luke? Where did all these Hemsworth chaps come from?

The final cast has been announced for KILL ME THREE TIMES the new crime thriller from Kriv Stenders (Red Dog, Boxing Day). Principal photography began this week in and around Perth and the southwest region of Western Australia. The film stars Simon Pegg, Sullivan Stapleton, Alice Braga, Teresa Palmer, Bryan Brown, Callan Mulvey and Luke Hemsworth. With an original screenplay by James McFarland, the film is produced by Laurence Malkin and Share Stallings (the team behind Death At A Funeral and A Few Best Men) and Tania Chambers, the former CEO of Screen New South Wales.

KILL ME THREE TIMES takes place in a sundrenched Australian surfing town, where a young singer, portrayed by Alice Braga, is the thread that binds three tales of murder, blackmail and revenge. Simon Pegg plays a mercurial assassin, who is hired by her wealthy husband (Callan Mulvey), but there is more than one person gunning for her. Sullivan Stapleton has been cast as a gambling addict that attempts to pay off his debts through a risky life insurance scam, whilst Teresa Palmer plays a small town Lady Macbeth who masterminds the scheme. Bryan Brown, a corrupt cop, also tries to get his cut and Luke Hemsworth portrays Braga’s love interest, a local surfer who hopes to rescue the young woman from Pegg’s telescopic sights.

Director Kriv Stenders said, “I am absolutely thrilled with the dream cast we’ve assembled. It’s a real gift to have so many wonderfully talented and respected actors in one movie. I can’t wait to begin collaborating with them and bring KILL ME THREE TIMES to vivid life.”

“KILL ME THREE TIMES is a great script and the chance to work with Kriv Stenders in Perth made the whole thing an opportunity I did not want to miss out on,” added Simon Pegg.