Some music for those with Halloween – Samhain Spirit #nowplaying

My father-in-law sent an email of Halloween music the other day and it got me to thinking about what music I enjoy around Halloween.

Truth be told Halloween or Samhain is my favorite time of year, but this year I’m in a funk, I’m so busy and overwhelmed with life that I didn’t even decorate the house, my husband and the kids did it while I was at class one day. They never do the decorating! It is a very sad state of affairs.

This is why I want to put together my very own playlist of Halloween music for you.

night-castleStarting with..

People Are Strange” by The Doors (youtube video)

Thriller” by Michael Jackson (click the play button above the title to play)

Toccata – Carpimus Noctem” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra (mp3)

Monsters Holiday” by Lou Chaney, Jr. (mp3)

I Put A Spell on You” by Nina Simone (mp3)

Midnight Monsters Hop” by Jack and Jim (mp3)

Press play above the title to hear the LONG version of “Thriller” or click the links to download these tracks.

… stop by later for more!