There’s no ‘Transition’ you’ve just copied the music Jason Cerda

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I am not a Justin Bieber fan because he’s a donkey. Maybe when he grows up I’ll like him. I do like the lyrics to some of his songs, but that can’t make up for the fact that he is numero uno chump these days. He’s just making some bad choices. Either that or every media outlet in the world has a conspiracy to make him look bad.

Anyway. The reason I bring up Bieber when I’m writing about Jason Cerda is because his song “Living Twice” sounds like it is literally layered on top of his track “Beauty And A Beat.” How do I know that, because I love that song! It’s the one Justin Bieber song that I know the words to and have on occasion blared in my Jeep and sang very loudly to…yes, I’m confident enough in myself that I will openly admit that fact.

I was excited to hear from Jason Cerda because his press release claimed, “Jason Cerda’s “The Transition” is a hip hop/Latin extravaganza!” Hey that sounds fun! I was thinking PitBull or something, and while Cerda’s music is VERY catchy and I do like it, it’s just not his own. Sorry.

He does have this cool video:

But the cool part is the kids dancing, they are awesome!

Where can you find more on Jason Cerda? Not to be confused with Jason DeRulo (Because he refers to himself in his song “Regrets” in a very Jason DeRulo fashion). or Justin Bieber…? Even though he claims he is influenced by Justin Timberlake. @ JasonCerda
Instagram: @JCerdaMusic