You Want Me To Change, Change, Change

Churchill photo from their website

Churchill photo from their websiteMost would have slated Churchill as a band to watch this year… Why? For one reason Bethany Kelly has two first names… AND an AMAZING voice. She plays guitar and piano AND writes her own music. What!? But let’s not take away from the whole band because Tim Bruns (guitar/vox), Mike Morter (mandolin/ guitar), Tyler Rima (bass) and Joe Richmond (drums) tie the sparkly ribbons on this band to complete the package. They are So! Good! Yes, that required additional capitalization and punctuation.

They wrote songs as a band which will then let each of them have shine out moments that highlight their individual strengths. I think more bands should do this, I have always loved that approach with The National which is another favorite band of mine.

There last two albums released on A&M/Octone Records over the last couple of years.

However they up and decided to break up and cancel their tour. So. Enjoy what remains and maybe follow them individually throughout 2014 to see where they end up. OR are they making a comeback? Buzzfeed listed them as a band to watch just last week so maybe they know something we don’t know :)