James Vernon, from Li Xi, shares debut “Old Ghost”

james-vernonRaised in the San Francisco Bay Area, James has been playing and recording music since his teens. He is co-founder of the odd-pop psych band, Li Xi and has released a solo recording project under his name. James blends lo-fi psychedelic pop with ambient and experimental sound. He recorded most of the record in a furniture shop in San Francisco between helping out customers.

Stream – James Vernon’s “Old Ghost”

James Vernon


1. Skull
2. Old Ghost
3. Turning Inside and Out
4. Coyote Hills
5. The Actor (Featuring Jasiel Berg)
6. Piers
7. Niles Canyon
8. Losin’ Step
9. Rainier Themes
10. Mirabeau
Criminals is due out September 9, 2014.