More Heart, Less Attack

548b167c25c1928fa7f90949e0386f1aNEEDTOBREATHE had a really great year, didn’t they? Grammy nominations and international tours are nothing to sneeze at. I remember writing about them back in 2011. I had only just heard about the band then even though they’ve been recording since 2007. So it’s been a long time coming and now the world can be awed by their saucy musical goodness.

As for their track “More Heart, Less Attack” this is what they say about it.

“In recent months, we have seen many reports of hatred and violence in our streets, in our schools and across the globe. We hope this song echoes those who are praying for peaceful resolutions that will calm the storms around the world.”

Recorded and filmed live in Nashville by Ryan Booth and filmed at KBK Farm courtesy of Cause A Scene.

As for their sentiment of peace I can only wholeheartedly agree. People killing people for killing people. Really! Come on guys. Haven’t you ever heard the saying “two wrongs don’t make a right?”

You should never go about judging someone without a complete story. You should never go out into the world and think you know what it’s like to be someone else.

We’re all the same. We’re all different. We’re all capable of making or breaking someone. I think about my life, I think about my kids, what kind of world do I want them to grow up in? There is so much change I hope happens before my kids are adults. I’m blessed because all three of them already have such free spirits and amazing hearts. We could all learn a lot from kids. A lot.

More Heart. Less Attack.


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