I pray that they come back to life

It’s Sunday morning and I’m drinking my coffee black. Been doing this for a little over a month now. It’s not bad…but it IS flavored coffee. Starbucks Caramel.

Sitting in”my spot” on the sofa, my UD quilted blanket draped over my cold feet. When I look to my left I see my boys, my daughter is still sleeping. When I look to my right I can see our backyard and the treeline. The snow is still on the ground here, because it’s cold here, it’s cold. Take that how you want to.

tumblr_n83qcsbb0e1qlxqdpo1_500I have the album “We Don’t Have Each Other” by Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties playing. The album released on July 8, 2014 through Hopeless Records. The frontman for the band is Dan Campbell also known from the Pennsylvania band The Wonder Years. I love when PA represents ;) The album was produced by Ace Enders of the Early November.

Their track “You Ain’t No Saint” is playing right now. The emotion in this song is palpable. The textured layers to this song playing through the first 55 seconds are amazing.  I’d dare someone to tell me they don’t appreciate that bass, that banjo, the trombone, the freaking trumpet A SAXOPHONE, seriously listen to all these details and how they meld together into perfection. My ears are happy.

Dan Campbell’s voice is raw, literally laced with hurt and pain and at times love…love lost. Like in the first track of the album, “Our Apartment.”  Now what you find out while listening to the album is the songs are all about one man and his relationship, his life. Campbell created a character and he built songs around this character’s life. The album unfolds like a story where the man’s wife gets pregnant and unfortunately they lose the baby. It’s heartbreaking. The song, “Grapefruit” brought me to tears, I can’t even imagine that kind of loss.

Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties have a fantastic backing band and they are what makes Campbell’s lyrics and his songwriting really hit home harder. He could do an acoustic set and still bring you to tears, but there’s something about the sadness in this album that leaves a lingering haunting feeling in the silence between each track.

So the entire album is wonderful though I wouldn’t recommend driving while listening to it if you are already feeling depressed. At least if you cry like I do where my eyes get all bloodshot, swollen and everything stays blurry for an hour. Ha.

I’m stuck on a memory,
Of you dancing in a backyard in North Jersey.
You’re holding sparklers,
And silhouetted by the porch lights on a summer evening.
So, while I’m pulling my gloves off with my teeth,
It occurred to me you used to be happy.

Tracks I enjoy the  most at this moment… I’ve only listened to the album three now so this will most likely change… “You Aint No Saint,” “Runnin’ Scared,” and “Our Apartment.”Beautifully written, amazing composition, wonderful chord changes and feeling…lots of feeling.

And YES for those of you wondering, I DO think it would sound wicked awesome on vinyl!

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