Radio Birds

Hahaha ever hear an angry Rod Stewart who spent a little too much time smoking?


Okay, okay listen to this…

Radio Birds – Colin Dean (drums), Jaz Dixon (guitar), Justin Keller (vocals and guitar), and Chase Lamondo (vocals and bass)

Love the beat, makes my toes tap, but I’m sorry, my first impression of Radio Birds is that he sounded like someone I’ve heard sing before and then as I kept listening.. Rod Stewart. Yep. But they don’t look ANYTHING like that, they look a little red neck at least with this truck photo I found.

So how are they described?

That sound is simple: Plain-Old Rock and Roll Music with a distinctly hairy touch. Meaning, it is not clean, it is not easy, (or too difficult), and it is not The Next Logical Revival of a Previously Popular Genre From the Seventies.

Artist – Radio Birds
Album – Contemporary American Slang
Release Date – February 3, 2015

Label –  Brash Music

01. Hold On Me
02. Your Favorite Part
03. Sleep City
04. The Beast
05. Dirty Rags
06. Chew Me Up
07. Time Ranger
08. Miss Ilene
09. Paper Moon
10. Red Wine, Hard Liquor
11. Wait For Me In The Fall

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