Careful waking up the giants

This is not new song, it’s just one I’m playing on repeat a lot lately, so I thought I’d share real quick. If you like.. Vinyl Theater or Magic Man or Panama Wedding I really think you’ll love Grizfolk if you haven’t heard them before. Vice versa counts for all of the aforementioned ;)

This is Waking Up The Giants by Grizfolk. (Adam Roth, Sebastian Fritze, Fredrik Eriksson, Brendan James, and Bill Delia)

We’re the rhythm of the darkest nights
We’re the truth that’s been left unspoken
We’re the shadows far beyond the lights
We’re waking, waking, waking up the giants

The band, Grizfolk, is based out of Los Angeles. Another song I love by them is called Vagabonds. It’s amazing.

Another reason to LOVE Grizfolk is because they joined forced with Global Citizen. They offered a “reward” through Global Citizen for tickets to their Troublemaker Tour. Global Citizen is a group which teams up to raise awareness about global poverty. Global Citizens can earn points and therefore rewards by taking action against injustices in the world. It’s pretty cool.

In more recent news, Grizfolk did a remix of of duo TeamMate’s track “Nothing’s Ever Over” which got some pretty rave reviews.

So, hoping to hear more from the band in the future. Meanwhile enjoying the tracks they released late in 2015 and the remixes they released this past Spring. All musical goodness. All of it.