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Translating all the way to the moon

Lifehacker wants you to know tonight’s full moon in the northern hemisphere will be the biggest it’s been in 15 years. So you should get your camera out and get clicking!


Language translation site Nice Translator uses Google Translate’s results but wraps them in a more dynamic front end that offers multiple translations as-you-type.

Type your phrase into Nice Translator, which auto-detects what language you’re inputting, and watch as it lists multiple translations, in real-time, as you type.


Techcrunch’s Layoff Tracker is now past 100,000 lost jobs (109,629, as of this writing) across nearly 300 different technology and media companies both large and small. To put this in perspective, Citigroup alone announced 52,000 layoffs in November, and across the U.S. economy, just counting September and October, there were nearly 500,000 unemployment claims as a result of mass layoffs. Yippee…


And GadgetTell has a list of the ten worst things to get a hardcore gamer for Christmas, so be sure to check it before buying for your game loving fool.

Scentsy Candles and Jingle Shoes

Still looking for a fantastic and unique gift for your girl friends, Mom or Gramma? I stumbled across the Scentsy website as I was searching for candles, because all of my friends love candles and, well, so do I for that matter.

What I wanted to find was a candle that people could use at their desk at work. Most offices don’t allow you to burn candles, so this is tricky. Fortunately, the folks at Scentsy came up with the perfect design for a no-burn candle.

They have hundreds of delicious scents and their candle wax melts with the heat of a 25 watt lightbulb to deliver the fragrance. You can’t buy these just anywhere and you need to know a consultant, but thank goodness one of the Posh Mama ladies I write with is available for orders. Stop by Kahne’s page if you want to check out more Scentsy goodness.

If you’re like me you have an upteen amount of children to shop for around this time of year. All your nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren and such…and it’s impossible to know what they are getting from Santa or someone else. So the best thing to do is find something extra special that no one else will know about. I’ve got it!

At you can buy hand painted shoes in red or navy with Reindeer and jingle bells. They are so flipping adorable you’ll want to buy them for everyone! They come in infant, toddler and youth sizes and if you are giving them to a really tiny one you can ask that the jingle bells be removed. I think these shoes and others offered by Snanimals are just the cutest designs ever!

Happy Shopping!

Oxygen verse CO2

I’m currently reading a book about autism which is written by the mother of a child who has autism. She mentioned all the research she has done to better understand the disorder. So of course in her studies she came across the famous H.M.

H.M. died this past Tuesday, December 2, 2008, at the age of 82. His real name was revealed after his death: Henry Gustav Molaison. A lot of what we now know about memory, we learned from studies on H.M. H.M. suffered from epilepsy and his entire life became a study; an experiment in real-time.

Epilepsy is something which many children with autism have been wrongly diagnosed with first. This is because the workings of the brain are very much a mystery even today with the advancements in modern medicine. In the book I’m reading the little boy had seizure after seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy but the epilepsy medicine wasn’t working and the neurologists (at first) were useless.

I am sure there are many connections and theories about how epilepsy and autism are related. How they can go hand in hand, but it is very clear that is a child has autism that treating just epilepsy will not help.

Experiments in the last century found that by breathing carbon dioxide (CO2), an epileptic patient boosted acid levels in the brain and could terminate a fit, although the molecular switch for achieving this was veiled in mystery. So if there is an oxygen overload of some kind could it cause neurological damage or just a moment of euphoria? I know there are places with actual oxygen bars where people go to purposefully inhale pure oxygen.

Further studies are in the works for finding the exact area of the brain which registers these balances and how to administer a drug which will stop the process and therefore stop a seizure. I wonder if this new research will also benefit people with autism. It will be interesting to see the correlations if there are any.

iPhone search by voice

Not sure if I’d try this on a plane or a train, but Google is planning on offering an application for the iPhone which will allow people to search using the sound of their voice rather than the pad of their finger.

Google is expected to release a free iPhone application today that lets iPhone owners ask to find local businesses, get driving directions, ask basic search queries (“What’s the capitol of Belgium?”), and displays them on-screen “within seconds on a fast wireless network,” according to the New York Times.

The sound of our voice is converted to a digital file and sent to Google’s servers, which try to determine the words spoken and pass them along to the Google search engine.

The search results, which may be displayed in just seconds on a fast wireless network, will at times include local information, taking advantage of iPhone features that let it determine its location.

Premature Birth Rate Climbing

According to the March of Dimes, the US is border-line failing when it comes to premature birth rates.

With a big fat D in the US report card, these are the percentages in red based on the nation’s 12.7% preterm birth rate.

In its report card, the March of Dimes notes that the national preterm birth rate is “more than 60% higher” than the federal government’s goal for 2010, and that the preterm birth rate rose “by more than 15% between 1995 and 2005.”

The grade of a D is only so high because we had one state, Vermont, who received a grade of a B which helped bring all the F’s up for a lovely D average.

What makes matters even worse if you are a fellow Delawarean…

Here’s how the states (plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico) rank in their preterm birth rates — from best to worst — and each state’s March of Dimes grade, along with its preterm birth rate percentage.

1. Vermont: 9% (grade: B)
2. Oregon: 10.2% (grade: C)
3. Connecticut: 10.4% (grade: C)
4. New Hampshire: 10.5% (grade: C)
5. Alaska and Washington state: 10.6% (grade: C)
6. California, Maine, and Minnesota: 10.7% (grade: C)
7. Massachusetts: 11.3% (grade: D)
8. Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wisconsin: 11.4% (grade: D)
9. North Dakota, South Dakota: 11.5% (grade: D)
10. Iowa: 11.8% (grade: D)
11. Pennsylvania: 11.9% (grade: D)
12. New York and Rhode Island: 12.1% (grade: D)
13. Hawaii, Kansas, and Nebraska: 12.2% (grade: D)
14. Colorado and Virginia: 12.3% (grade: D)
15. Michigan and New Jersey: 12.5% (grade: D)
16. Ohio: 13% (grade: D)
17. Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Wyoming: 13.1% (grade: D)
18. Arizona: 13.2% (grade: F)
19. Arkansas, Maryland, and Missouri: 13.3% (grade: F)
20. Indiana: 13.5% (grade: F)
21. Georgia and Texas: 13.6% (grade: F)
22. North Carolina: 13.7% (grade: F)
23. Florida: 13.8% (grade: F)
24. Nevada: 13.9% (grade: F)
25. Delaware: 14% (grade: F)
26. West Virginia: 14.4% (grade: F)
27. Tennessee: 14.7% (grade: F)
28. Kentucky: 15.2% (grade: F)
29. South Carolina: 15.6% (grade: F)
30. Washington, D.C.: 15.9% (grade: F)
31. Louisiana: 16.5% (grade: F)
32. Alabama: 16.7% (grade: F)
33. Mississippi: 18.8% (grade: F)
34. Puerto Rico: 19.7% (grade: F)

Entertainment in the afternoon – Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Britters and more

Steven Spielberg and Will Smith may partner to adapt the ultraviolent Korean revenge flick Oldboy for American audiences. DreamWorks will produce, Universal will distribute and Smith will reportedly star as a man seeking payback after 15 years of kidnapped captivity.

Won’t be watching that one even with Will Smith starring.


Even Brad Pitt has parenting woes…

He revealed that Shiloh is in a stage right where she will only respond to the names John and Peter! Ha! Pax, on the other hand, wasn’t so funny a while back when Brad put him in timeout and he rebelled by peeing on the timeout chair.


What in the name of 90s one-hit-wonders is Blake Lively wearing?! The Gossip Girl starlet attended the celebration of the Juicy Couture 5th Avenue store opening in a backwards cardigan. Actually, upon further inspection, that looks like two backwards cardigans stuck together! Fashion like that makes me want to jump! jump! far, far away!


Two weeks before the film even hits theaters, Twilight shows have already sold out.

According to Fandango, Twilight is accounting for two-thirds of all ticket sales and more than 100 premiere screenings have already sold out. This bodes well for the teen vampire love story and its burgeoning franchise.


As rumored, Britney Spears joined Madonna on stage during her show at L.A.’s Dodgers Stadium on Thursday. Dressed in a white tuxedo-style shirt and black wide-leg trousers, Spears walked on stage at the end of Madonna’s tune “Human Nature,” singing the last verse. Pointing to Spears, Madonna then yelled, “She’s not your bitch!” Although Spears didn’t dance, Madonna spun around her, hugged her and kissed her hand.

She’s not yours either, Madonna.

Fluidic energy into electricity

A remedy for those people who type everything in CAPS!

It is actually a standard Caps Lock key that features a couple of 14-gauge 10-millimeter spikes screwed inside two tiny holes drilled into the key. Lol. It exists!

And then here’s a gadget/sensor thing that can turn your water and gas into electricity. Researchers of the Fraunhofer Technology Development Group TEG have now successfully managed to convert this fluidic energy into electricity.

Fraunhofer researchers from Stuttgart have developed a new technology that enables the production of energy-autonomous and thus low-maintenance sensors. “Our system is eminently suitable for sensors in pneumatic plants, as we can convert the kinetic energy from air or water into electricity,” explains Jose Israel Ramirez, who is doing research on this topic at the TEG. “The fluidic energy transducer generates electricity in the microwatt or milliwatt range. This is sufficient to supply cyclically operating sensors with enough energy to read out and transmit the relevant data.”

Click through for the full press release >>

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