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The Amazing Spider-Man FX

Braeden went with his father and future step-mom to see the Spiderman reboot, or The Amazing Spider-man in 3D on the 4th of July.

All three of them said the movie was pretty good, better than the 3rd installment of the last Spiderman series of movies, but also much different seeing as how it is based off a completely different line of comic stories.

Last night Braeden was falling asleep after a long, hot evening outside playing with friends and then sitting down to watch fireworks at UD and he started talking about when Spiderman was fighting the lizard guy. He asked what else they use in the movies aside for ketchup to look like blood. He insisted the blood across Spiderman’s chest when the lizard guy clawed him could not have been ketchup. It became obvious as he peered down at me from his loft bunk bed that he was actually concerned. So first I said that in the old black and white movies they used chocolate syrup as blood because no one could tell if it was red or not and it was a good consistency to look like blood in the movie on screen. He listened and I continued to say when movies started appearing in color sometimes they used ketchup and sometimes they used red dyed corn syrup (1 part water with 3 parts corn syrup) to look like blood. I said, again, it depended on what the movie people wanted it to look like did they want it dark and thick or whatever. Either way no blood, just food products.

So then he said, but Mommy it was darker and raised up, like when you get cut and then you get a scab.

Oh boy.

So I said, I promise you the guy playing Spiderman was not hurt. My guess if they used makeup and kits like you might find in a store at Halloween. I assured him I would show him the exact kits and makeups when it gets closer to Halloween. I also said in action movies there are plenty of times they add those extra effects after the scene is shot and they use the computer. So he started to understand better because he recognized what I was saying was absolutely possible. He laid down more soundly then and I saw him fall asleep breathing easier.

Having not seen the movie myself I have only this conversation with my 8-year-old son to deduct that the movie must have had some pretty realistic violent scenes. I surmise watching it in 3D only made this more real for him.

And so for those of you wondering how fake blood is made, outside of computer generated, here is a cool link at Wikihow.com which can help.

Thirteen Ways to Make Fake Blood >>

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