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Excited about Netflix on the iPhone

I’ve been able to add movies to my queue from my phone, but I wasn’t able to watch the “instant” watch movies on the phone until now. Netflix added this capability in their FREE iPhone app. So, if you have a Netflix subscription you can now watch the instant movies on demand with your phone. Fantastic! This is helpful if you are waiting somewhere for a long time with the kids. Oh yes, I know I will definitely get use out of it. But it also means I will now need a charger for the car, because intensive apps suck the life right out of the iPhone charge VERY quickly.

Netflix today announced the availability of its free Netflix App for iPhone and iPod touch, allowing Netflix members on plans starting at just $8.99 a month to instantly watch a vast selection of TV episodes and movies streamed to their iPhone or iPod touch at no additional cost.

The Netflix App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at www.itunes.com/appstore/.

Netflix is working on a streaming video application for smartphones running Google’s Android operating system, a Netflix employee and online job listing have each confirmed.

Netflix has posted two job listings on its website so far this summer, both seeking Android (Android) developers. The current listing is titled “Android Video Playback Expert,” and begins, “Netflix is looking for a great engineer to help us build Instant Streaming client implementations on Android devices.”

Netflix iPhone App Video from Netflix on Vimeo.

Justin Long jailbreaks his iPhone like a PC guy video

With his contract to Apple now a thing of the past, we guess Justin Long’s not the smug, overconsuming Mac archetype we’d always assumed. We’ve gotta give credit to a man who sticks it to his former employer by busting out of the walled garden as demonstrated by the Cydia icon’s appearance on Long’s iPhone during a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Celebrity Nerds: Justin Long jailbreaks his iPhone like a PC guy video — Engadget.

WWDC 2010 – Are you going?

These five days will change how the world does all kinds of things. And this is your chance to be a part of it. Join more than 5000 of the world’s leading developers and 1000 Apple engineers, working side by side to harness the amazing potential of iPhone OS 4, iPad, and Mac. Simply put, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For you and your app.

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is the premier technical conference for developers innovating with Apple technologies. Over 1,000 Apple engineers will be at Moscone West to present advanced coding and development techniques that will show you how to enhance the capabilities of your applications with the revolutionary technologies in iPhone OS and Mac OS X.

No, I won’t be going, it’s too expensive for this blogger. But I can’t wait to hear about the news which is sure to stem from it…mayhaps regarding the upcoming NEW iPhone 4..?

ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix iPhone App and Contest

Zoozbeat SXSW Music Conference — Easy as 1-2-3 – Starting today, Jackson 5 fans can remix five multi-platinum Jackson 5 songs and win over $6,000 in prizes. Universal Music Enterprises and EMI Publishing teamed up with ZOOZ Mobile, Inc., developers of the first mobile music studio, to launch ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users. ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix – the second in a series of custom branded ZOOZbeat music apps – features five Jackson 5 signature songs that helped sell more than 250 million albums worldwide in 40 years: “Dancing Machine,” “ABC,” “I Want You Back,” “Mama’s Pearl” and “The Love You Save.” ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix transforms the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch into a mobile music studio, enabling anyone – with or without music training – to remix and re-create their own tracks with beats and samples from pop sensation Jackson 5 featuring Michael Jackson and brothers Jermaine, Jackie, Tito and Marlon.

“The Jackson 5 international phenomenon started with their first four major label singles on Motown all reaching #1 on the pop charts and the next three years every single they released made the Billboard Top 20,” said ZOOZ Mobile CEO & President Scott Geller. “Now, the Jackson 5 will help change how fans experience the Jackson 5 music; by enabling their fans to actively participate in remixing the Jackson 5 music. The new ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix app gives a whole new generation of fans a way to express themselves musically and connect with the Jackson 5 in a personal, interactive music experience.”

“The Jackson 5’s phenomenal catalog of songs remains as relevant today as it ever was, and we’re delighted that fans will now have this exciting opportunity to enjoy their music and interact with it in a wholly new way,” commented Eric Shaw, VP of Music Resources at EMI Music Publishing.

The ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix iPhone app works by shaking, tilting or tapping the iPhone screen to create and combine Michael Jackson’s amazing isolated vocals with funky rhythmic tracks, and soulful harmonies that can then be uploaded to the web for listening on ZOOZbeat.com and sharing with friends via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix is accessible to the visually impaired using Apple’s VoiceOver feature (available on the iPhone 3GS).

“ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix iPhone app is also the next generation of ZOOZbeat,” says ZOOZ Mobile Founder and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Gil Weinberg. “As easy as ZOOZbeat 4.0 already is for anyone to remix music regardless of musical ability, ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix has new ways to make learning how to remix music easier. First, we added a step by step tutorial to show different ways the Jackson 5 beats can be remixed, we also made the music recreation experience more intuitive and richer – including adding more loops and longer samples from the original Jackson 5 songs as well as reverb, filters and other music remixing tools.”

The ZOOZbeat Jackson 5 Remix app ($4.99) is available for sale today, March 19th, in the Apple iTunes App Store. Click here to view the video >>

Visit ZOOZbeat contest site >>

On your iPhone®, go to the Apple iTunes store and download the “ZOOZbeat Jackson 5” application. The application is $4.99 to download and use. Once downloaded, the ZOOZbeat application will appear on your iPhone home screen. Open the ZOOZbeat application. The ZOOZbeat home screen will appear where you will find samples from five Jackson 5 songs, “ABC”, “Dancing Machine”, “I Want You Back”, “Mama’s Pearl” or “The Love You Save” (“Song”). Clips of the Song will be separated out into 6 tracks (i.e. bass, lead vocals, background vocals, keyboard, etc.) and a 7th track providing a microphone allowing entrants to record their own voice and creatively remix the Song. To start recording, hit the Record button. Once you are done remixing the Song, hit the Save/Contest button. The remix must not exceed 8 sections (the app will automatically loop after 8 sections). Once the remix is created to your liking, hit the Save/Contest button.

One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive a check for $1,500 and a Jackson 5 Prize pack, consisting of one “hoodie” sweatshirt, one t-shirt and one tote bag; three (3) Second Prize Winners will receive $250 checks and a Jackson 5 Prize pack, consisting of one “hoodie” sweatshirt, one t-shirt and one tote bag; and thirty (30) Honorable Mention Prize Winners will receive a Jackson 5 Prize pack, consisting of one “hoodie” sweatshirt, one t-shirt and one tote bag.

Ribbit winners, PS2 price drop, new Intel chips, next iPhone news

Intel updated its processor list with new Core 2 chips for Macbook Air-class laptops and a crush of Xeon processors for workstations and servers.

The number of new processor models is 20 in all.

Intel has introduced new power-sipping low-voltage (LV) and ultra-low-voltage (ULV) processor models for laptops such as the Apple MacBook Air and Dell Adamo.

The new LV and ULV processor models include the 17-watt SL9600 (2.13GHz, $316) and 10-watt SU9600 (1.6GHz, $289). More power-hungry Intel mainstream mobile processors are typically rated at 25 watts or 35 watts.


Two start-up companies are using new technology to resurrect old but crude strategies to combat hypertension, believing that they can achieve significant improvement in health without the side effects. The Wall Street Journal reports that the companies offered data at the annual scientific meeting of the American College of Cardiology that indicated they were on to something big.

One of those companies, Ardian, developed an electrode that emits radio-frequency energy into the renal artery wall to kill nerves that play a role in hypertension, according to the Journal. And data from a 50-patient study indicated a significant improvement in average blood pressure rates. Minneapolis-based CVRx, meanwhile, created a device that is implanted and then emits electronic impulses that signal very high blood pressure, tricking the body to protect itself with all its natural abilities.

Both developers are now planning to mount larger studies to test the technologies.


Looking to scoop up a PlayStation 2? Starting tomorrow, April 1, Sony will cut the price of its gaming console to $100, down 25 percent from its current price of $130. Today’s announcement is the third price cut for the PS2 since Sony’s first discount in 2002.

Rumors had swirled in recent days that Sony was set to make a major PlayStation 3 announcement today. But that does not seem to be the truth and news updates are stating they have no ideas on lowering the PS3 price in the near future.


Ribbit, the VOIP platform that was bought by British Telecom last year, announced the winners of its $100,000 KillerApps challenge today. The contest was obviously meant to stimulate interest in Ribbit’s APIs among developers, and judging from the line-up of winning applications, a lot of developers came up with highly creative ways of using Ribbit’s platform in their apps.

Here are the winners of the five categories in Ribbit’s KillerApps challenge:

Media, Advertising, Entertainment: Lucid Viewer

ribbit_lucid_small.pngLucitd Viewer is an authoring tool that allows developers to create interesting, immersive experiences. This demo here, for example, shows a 3D, Google StreetView-like view of a street in Rome, with the ability to call up stores directly from the Flash interface through Ribbit’s service. Lucid Viewer also won the Grand Price in Ribbit’s KillerApps contest.

Business: Sugared Frog

Similar to Ribbit’s own integration with Salesforce, Sugared Frog integrates Ribbit with SugarCRM. With the help of Sugared Frog, users of SugarCRM’s open source solution can use Sugared Frog to organize their voicemail, and dictate notes and memos right from their mobile phones.

Social Networking and Communication: Save A Life

Save a Life is an interesting Adobe AIR application that allows you to quickly reach a group of friends or community members by phone. Currently, the application focuses on blood donations (you can download the application here), though the program could be used for other donation campaigns or emergency services as well.

Breakthrough: CYHAA

CYHAA won Ribbit’s free-form ‘breakthrough’ category. CYHAA, which stands for Control Your Home, Anytime, Anywhere allows users to control their smart home devices with their voice right from their phones.


Dell today introduced five new blade, rack and tower PowerEdge servers based on the new Intel Xeon 5500 Series processors. Dell designed its 11th generation of servers with input from IT professionals worldwide to help companies do more with less by simplifying data center operations, improving performance and energy efficiency, and lowering total cost of ownership.

The new Dell PowerEdge servers are available today starting at $1,599.


Apple is expected to begin production on a low-end 3G iPhone and a high-end version with 32GB of NAND flash memory beginning this spring, according to a research report released Tuesday by an analyst for Lazard Capital Markets.

Production is anticipated to begin in April, ramp up in May and the new phones could be announced in June, Daniel Amir, a Lazard Capital Markets analyst, said in his report.

Facebook, Song.ly and Middlespot News

It’s true, I have a Facebook profile much like everyone else online these days. I like it. I like the different things you can send to people and it’s nice to be able to see what everyone is up to. I don’t like the cheesy apps where people send me tupperware, but what can you do. I also hope they don’t allow people to start modifying the look of their pages like on MySpace. I hated that! I know people like to be unique, but Facebook is a profile about you, how much more unique do you need to be?

Anyway. PC World has an article up today titled, “10 Facebook tips worth reading“.

One of the tips is about the gmail add-on. It shows everyone you email who also has a Facebook account. I admit I do know about that and I do have it plugged into my e-mail account. It has helped me to see which publicists and artists also have Facebook profiles and in some cases I do add them as a friend. That way they can see if I have written about them and I can keep up with their news.


A company profile that was just submitted: Middlespot, another startup taking a crack at making the web search experience more visual, joining the likes of SearchMe and Viewzi.

Like its counterparts, Middlespot aims to enhance searching for websites, images, news, Amazon and even Twitter by returning screenshots of results rather than just text links.

Their mission… “We believe searching is an iterative activity of evaluation and interpretation that doesn’t end with the presentation of a linear list of text only results. It’s why we’re building the tools to make the activity of search more effective.”



Share & Discover Music on Twitter!

Type in a song title or mp3 link to tweet. Your followers will get a short link to a page allowing them to play the song right in the browser without having to download it first!

They have a button widget you can add to you blog posts which will allow people to tweet an mp3 if you have one embedded. But as far as I can tell it takes some manual work for the blogger in each post because you have to add the mp3 url to the button. Optional fields include the artist and title which of course would be quite helpful to a listener so I know I’d add them even though they are only optional. So I don’t know, maybe I’ll try added the tweet song.ly button to some posts in the future, but I doubt I’ll add them every time.


In the same week that Samsung Mobile launched its own online movie and television entertainment service to challenge the likes of iTunes, Netflix and Xbox Live, Apple Inc. has moved to up the ante by announcing the wider availability of high-definition (HD) films through its popular iTunes Store.

Offered up for either full purchase or rental, Apple’s new selection of 720p content will continue to grow alongside future studio releases and already includes relatively new movies such as comic book adaptations Punisher: War Zone and The Spirit along with action titles Transporter 3 and Bangkok Dangerous.

Prices for high-definition movies available through iTunes – on both PCs and Mac systems – are positioned at $19.99 USD for a full purchase, while high-definition rentals cost markedly less at $4.99 USD and older HD titles are priced at $3.99 USD.

But as I have been complaining about in the past. There is not easy way to put the movies you buy on iTunes onto a DVD to watch at home. You can only ever watch them on a computer. Yes, you could hook your computer up to your TV but that is annoying. I’d rather buy the DVD and be able to watch it wherever I want.