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Day dreaming about puppy dogs

doggishWe lost our doggie over two years ago and since then my middle child, Finn, has brought up the idea of getting a new dog on more than one occasion. However, my husband says we have to wait until we have a bigger home with a larger yard and therefore our Finn has stuffed animals.

Even so every now and then I go to those websites that allow you to look through galleries of adorable puppy dog faces (Check out this Puppy Website) and I get all squishy inside waiting and hoping for a puppy dog to come home and just not leave.

The best place for me to look is Doggish.com because it’s an Australian website and therefore I won’t get all super attached since I live here in the US of A. Anyway, the great thing about Doggish is that they absolutely do not advertise any pups that come from those puppy breeding farms which is wonderful.

Our Mya was a maltese. She lived a rather long life and was super silly almost until her very last breath.

Doggish.com doesn’t just woo you with their cute dog photos they also tell you things you need to know like what to look for in  breeder and even tips before your search actually begins.

So now that my lunch break is over I should probably just stop day dreaming about doggies and get back to work.

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Emma Louise Goes Gold In Australia

I’ll admit, I didn’t know the artist Emma Louise until I received her press release. And the main reason I click to open it up and pursue further is because I love the name Emma Louise. Then I saw the name of the EP she released that year is ‘Full Hearts and Empty Rooms‘ and I just like the way it sounded. Goes to show how superficial I can be sometimes and then how wonderfully it can pay off. Plus she’s a cutie isn’t she, I love her hair in the photo on this post.

EP Full Heart & Empty Rooms has officially hit the mile-stone Gold status with sales of over 35,000 units.

Off of the EP comes her breakthrough single, ‘Jungle’ – which provides a snapshot into the musical mind of a fearless and an incredibly talented young singer/songwriter who has since captivated audiences in both Australia and across the globe.

 I was speaking soft, see the pain in your eyes,
I’ve been feeling, feeling for you, my love.
And our bodies are tired, our shadows will dance,
I’ve been aching, aching for you, my love.

My head is a jungle, jungle.

To say it’s been a dream start is an understatement! An ever-growing list of accolades including three Queensland Music Awards in 2011 including Best Pop Song and Song Of The Year for ‘Jungle’, Best Folk Song for ‘1000 Sundowns’ and most recently Breakthrough Independent Artist of the Year at the JIMAs seem to be only the start for this refreshing talent.

I very much hope she has time to work on a full length album (suspected to release in early 2013) while being out on tour because I’d love to hear more from Emma Louise.

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Keith Urban Premieres New Single From Act Of Valor Soundtrack

Tickets to see Keith Urban went on sale this morning courtesy of LiveNation.com for his show in August at the Borgata in Atlantic City. I thought I’d surprise my husband with a pair for us so I went online as soon a they went on sale and logged in to see that general admission tickets were $125 EACH. Surprise babe, we’re NOT going to see Keith Urban at the Borgata, but here is a post about his latest single instead.

Keith Urban has taken on a new challenge writing and recording his first song specifically for a motion picture. The track “For You” has just been premiered on Yahoo! Music and can now be heard in its entirety on the site. The track will be featured during Act Of Valor’s end credits.

Urban noted, “I was drawn to a scene in the film where you witness an act of supreme self-sacrifice. And I thought to myself, I see what they believe in. I see what they live their life for.”

The film hits theatres February 24, 2012.

Download & Listen:

Keith Urban – “For You” [mp3]

Act Of Valor Pre-Order Link

Enjoy and let us know what you think.

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The Big Scary Four Seasons

2010 was quite a year for Melbourne two-piece Big Scary. International supports, national airplay, constant touring, sold out headlining shows and the release of four EP’s saw the talented duo take their varied sound to all corners of Australia.

They’ve made a splash down under, playing 6-700 seaters, and are expecting a run Stateside and a proper full-length debut album in early 2012.

At the beginning of 2010, Big Scary announced they would be releasing four EPs dedicated to each of the seasons. Inspired by Mother Nature, each release was written and recorded in each respective season, and promised to be as varied as the seasons themselves. Inspired by the flurry of rich colour in autumn, the first drops of rain in winter, the blossom of new life in spring and the majesty of a summer thunderstorm.

Featuring tracks from the three preceding limited edition seasonal EPs Autumn, Winter and Spring – including the infectious radio hit ‘Autumn’ from the EP of the same name, ‘Thinking About You’ the haunting lead track from the decelerated Winter EP and the thumping ‘Hamilton’, another runaway hit taken from third seasonal EP Spring. The Big Scary Four Seasons also includes four new tracks from Summer, which will be released as part of The Big Scary Four Seasons.

Keep Big Scary on your radar, as they are currently in the studio recording their highly anticipated debut album.

Listen to: Big Scary – “Autumn” (mp3)

The Big Scary Four Seasons
(street date: 05.17.2011)

Talk Egypt later, Australia needs our help now

After treacherous weather has already caused serious flooding over much of Australia they were told to once again to find safety, but this time to get out of the way of a monster cyclone.

Yasi, expected to hit small tourist cities such as Cairns and Townsville later on Wednesday, is a “category 5” cyclone, the highest rating possible and the first such tempest to hit cyclone-prone Queensland coast at this force since 1918.

One of the biggest storms ever to hit Australia, cyclone Yasi, has struck the coast of Queensland.

It is producing winds of more than 180 miles an hour and has already brought down power lines and trees.

Around 30,000 people in the city of Cairns have been told to leave their their homes.

The category five storm is the worst cyclone to ever hit Australia.

Here are some facts about the massive weather system:

Size: 310 miles wide

Speed: 18mph

Winds: up to 186mph

Storm surge: up to 20ft high

Conditions are deteriorating at the main evacuation point in Cairns, where 2500 people are sheltering from Cyclone Yasi inside a powerless shopping centre.

Power was cut to the Earlville shopping centre around midnight, as Yasi crossed the coast at Mission Beach south of Cairns, leaving evacuees to wait out the storm in the dark.

“It’s getting a bit stifling inside because the air conditioning’s stopped,” an ABC reporter said.

Oh, there you are Perry

Hey, where’s Perry?

My family loves the show Phineas & Ferb on the Disney Channel. Adults and children, we each appreciate the wit, creativity, silliness and crazy plots the show has each time we watch. My husband loves Perry the Platypus. In fact, if there were a way for one to have a pet Platypus I am certain we would have one by now.

And so when I stumbled across a news story about a Platypus in Australia who was recently rescued from a drain pipe, I thought I should cover it quickly on here.

Platypus is from the Greek platys meaning broad and pous meaning foot, referring to the animal’s webbed foot. The animal is best described as a hodgepodge of more familiar species: the duck (bill and webbed feet), beaver (tail), and otter (body and fur). Males are also venomous. They have sharp stingers on the heels of their rear feet and can use them to deliver a strong toxic blow to any foe.

The video below shows an adorable one-year-old platypus who found himself stuck in a sewage treatment plant in Australia’s New South Wales. The speculation is that he was chasing after a female platypus and unfortunately made a wrong turn.

Oh, there you are Perry!