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Cupcakes and Funky Wunders

Fun fact of the day, this morning a plane landed on the New Jersey turnpike due to an emergency. It was a one-engine traffic plane. They then had to tow it up the turnpike. The turnpike was closed during this process and for those of you still stuck in the stand still…happy Monday.

Do you think cupcakes are cool? I know I do. Yum!

Here’s a gift idea for your Valentine. A nifty “Cupcakes Are Cool” t-shirt from DOTS (Dressing on the Side) on Etsy. Description, “Cupcakes are in the middle of all happy memories not to mention they are the easiest sweet treat to take anywhere. Plus, almost a guarantee that when you’re enjoying a cupcake–you’ll be at the best birthday party evah.

Amazing and LIMITED pen and ink artwork silkscreened on a supersoft(garment washed for a super soft hand) white womens basic crewneck t-shirt in 100 percent cotton jersey by Alternative Apparel.”

“DRESSiNG oN THE SiDE” means you’re in control of what you wear… so why not wear something way cool?! Late at night (when you’re peacefully snoozing) we think up our pen and ink designs and early in the morning we silkscreen them on the softest t-shirts known to man.

And for those of you with a baby Valentine this year. Don’t forget to get them something lovely to wear. Here is a “Hug and Kisses” baby hat for your love! “Soft, stretchy, and oh, so comfortable bright red-hued hand knit hat with cabled band and light brown needle felted X O symbols.”

The hat is from Funky Wunder’s Etsy shop. Interesting tidbit about Funky Wunder…their favorite materials to work with are “rocks, pebbles, silver, leather, textiles, and yarn.” Go figure. As long as they make cute hats like this available they can play with all the pebbles they want!

Oh baby, I love freebies and monsters

Baby is on the brain. A girl can’t help it when she’s 25 weeks pregnant! So this very interesting bassinet I saw at MoCo Loco intrigued me.

It looks like something you’d see in a Disney movie doesn’t it? I kind of want a larger version for myself.

The Argington line of children’s furniture by ODA, New York’s Office for Design & Architecture, includes the Hagia bassinet and the V & A art easel.

It needs some extra padding for me though, I’m not digging the laying a baby on a board idea.


Creature Comforts has a Valentine freebie for you crafty hearts out there. If you head over to their site they have an iron-on transfer perfect for lovely, romantic designs. It’s very Jerry Maguire of them.


And you know you want to see animated monsters in real-world environments on a Friday afternoon don’t ya?

Good. Then check out these short clips by Volstok Telefunken.