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Tell me about the Harlem Shake, come on now jigglers own it!

baauer1Alright so I openly admitted to not known what Gangham Style was or who Psy was.. apparently I had been living under a rock for quite some time. I had pregnancy brain and then was on maternity leave so I figure that is a decent excuse, right?

Spencer Graves, morning dj on 93.7 WSTW, tweeted about something called the “Harlem Shake” and therefore I knew I needed to immediately research. I can’t let another crazy dance pass me by! (Yes I know he was being sarcastic, he is ALWAYS sarcastic).

This is what I have found out…

So it all started by some guy named Bauuer. (What is up with these dude singer/dancer types who go by only one name, I always though only the GREATs could do that…like Prince, Madonna or Cher. Whatever.) Wait, wait, let’s go back, it really started the year I was born, 1981. A dance came to be and it was called the Harlem Shake because it originated in Harlem. The dance became mainstream in 2001 when G. Dep featured the Harlem shake in his music video “Let’s Get It“.

As far as I can tell the Harlem Shake is simply your body convulsing rapidly and it really doesn’t have to go along to a beat at all. You just have to shake, I mean totally ladies let the thigh fat jiggle because that is the dance. It’s not pretty.

So why has the Harlem Dance suddenly become popular again?

So who it this tall, slight fella with a boyish face and big, goofy smile. He was born in West Philadelphia. No no no, not Will Smith, although the Fresh Prince did have some CRAZY dance moves back in the day. Bauuer, he’s this string bean white guy hip hopper. Bauuer released his own Harlem Shake track as a free digital download by Mad Decent imprint label Jeffree’s on May 22, 2012. “I just had the idea of taking a Dutch house squeaky-high synth and putting it over a hip-hop track,” he says.

Bauuer had no idea his song was start an internet sensation, a new meme that would make Gangham Style a thing of the past. He references the UGA Men’s Swim & Dive team 30-second clip of guys killing the dance UNDER WATER! (You can view the video at the top of this post).

Whaaaaat!? The video has 21 million views at as of this moment and it was published on February 11, 2013. Awwww snap! Apparently Bauuer’s single started selling BECAUSE of this dance meme. People were getting it as a free download in May 2012 and now thanks to the response of the meme caused the song to reach number one on both the Billboard Hot 100 and Dance/Electronic Songs.

There you have it.

P.S. Turn any website into a Harlem Shaker site… www.hsmaker.com