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Interview with a Zombie

MTV’s Rick Marshall has word that Brad Pitt has officially agreed to star in the World War Z adaptation, scheduled for a summer 2012 release.

Brad Pitt optioned World War Z from Brooks for his production company, Plan B Entertainment, three years ago. Pitt gave adaptation duties to J. Michael Straczynski, best known among science-fiction fans for creating, producing, and writing Babylon 5 and, among comic-book readers, a multi-year run writing The Amazing Spider-Man for Marvel Comics (Straczynski’s currently writing Superman and Wonder Woman for DC Comics). Straczynski became a hot property after Clint Eastwood selected Straczynski’s Changeling script to direct with Angelina Jolie in the lead role three years ago.

World War Z is a fictional account of a worldwide outbreak of the living dead in the near future and judging from some of the descriptions of places and events in the beginning of the book it won’t be too far in the future. WWZ is done in an interview-style format with each chapter consisting of first-person interviews of individuals who lived through the Zombie War from its initial outbreak to it’s final battles and mop-up operations. The sampling of survivors interviewed range from soldiers who fought the losing battles in the early going of the war when lack of information, outdated tactics, and illogical reactions to the zombie outbreak contributed to humanity almost losing the war.

Plan B Entertainment also picked up options on The Zombie Survival Guide and a related graphic novel, The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks. Additional information,( e.g., director, other cast members, start date, budget, locations, rating, etc.) isn’t available, yet, but hopefully we’ll hear more about World War Z over the next few days as San Diego Comic-Con ramps up.

Sherlock Holmes Sequel

Brad Pitt
After ‘Sherlock Holmes’ managed to uncover more than 65 million dollars in its opening weekend, the sequel is being planned with Brad Pitt reportedly the top choice to portray the sinister Professor Moriarty.

PopEater.com reports that Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock Holmes) and Jude Law (Watson) have already signed on and now Pitt, 46, is being tipped to play villain Moriarty.

“The director, Guy Ritchie, loves Brad,” the New York Daily News quoted an industry source as saying.

“He has worked with him before and thinks he is one of the most underrated actors working today. Guy knows that everyone thinks of Pitt as a pretty boy and can’t wait to turn him into the world’s greatest super villain. It will definitely make the sequel a must-see,” the source added.

If you’ve seen Holmes, you know that Moriarty is only shown behind dark shadows, and only heard as a gruff English voice speaking to Rachel McAdams’ and showing off a fancy handgun or two. It never even occurred to me that it was Pitt’s voice behind that English accent, but UGO’s Matt Patches asked Ritchie himself, and, well, Ritchie hedged.

Patches: I have to ask, who plays the voice of Moriarty in this movie?
Guy Ritchie: I’m not going to tell you.
Matt Patches: I have to say, it sounded a little like Brad Pitt.
Guy Ritchie: Can’t say.

Angelina Back to Skin and Bones

Hmm, seems kind of sudden, don’t know if Vince Vaughn is for real with this or not.

Now engaged to Canadian real estate agent Kyla Weber, Vaughn, 39, says he wants to start a family and settle down.

The funny guy even says he’s ready for diaper duty. “It’s the first time that I really want to have kids,” he told PEOPLE while promoting his new comedy Couples Retreat.


Angelina Jolie has stopped eating (as much) causing insiders to speculate her relationship with partner Brad Pitt is on the rocks. Again.

The actress, 34, has reportedly lost 10 more pounds due to stress since she and Pitt returned to Chateau Miraval in the South of France a month ago to supposedly rebuild their relationship.

“Angelina’s off her food again, which is a sure sign the relationship’s in trouble. Her bones were jutting out and she looks ill,” a source told a British magazine.

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“I would be an idiot to not consider that part,” she says.

An excellent point made by Charlize Theron when she was recently asked about the much rumored about role of Catwoman in the next installment of Batman. Though there isn’t even a script being written yet, many people in Hollywood are speculating on the addition of the sexy, villainous role to the next movie and many high-profiled names are being tossed around as candidates.

Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie and Ashley Judd have all been mentioned, but Charlize wants her crack at the femme fatale role.

She was quoted saying: “I think what has happened to that franchise is amazing. (Batman filmmaker) Chris Nolan is a genius.”


Jessica Biel will take part in a charity expedition to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa next January.

The 27-year-old actress hopes to raise awareness to the need for communities to have access to clean water worldwide.

In a statement, Biel said the issue was a “basic human necessity that needs to be addressed now”.

Entertainment in the afternoon – Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Britters and more

Steven Spielberg and Will Smith may partner to adapt the ultraviolent Korean revenge flick Oldboy for American audiences. DreamWorks will produce, Universal will distribute and Smith will reportedly star as a man seeking payback after 15 years of kidnapped captivity.

Won’t be watching that one even with Will Smith starring.


Even Brad Pitt has parenting woes…

He revealed that Shiloh is in a stage right where she will only respond to the names John and Peter! Ha! Pax, on the other hand, wasn’t so funny a while back when Brad put him in timeout and he rebelled by peeing on the timeout chair.


What in the name of 90s one-hit-wonders is Blake Lively wearing?! The Gossip Girl starlet attended the celebration of the Juicy Couture 5th Avenue store opening in a backwards cardigan. Actually, upon further inspection, that looks like two backwards cardigans stuck together! Fashion like that makes me want to jump! jump! far, far away!


Two weeks before the film even hits theaters, Twilight shows have already sold out.

According to Fandango, Twilight is accounting for two-thirds of all ticket sales and more than 100 premiere screenings have already sold out. This bodes well for the teen vampire love story and its burgeoning franchise.


As rumored, Britney Spears joined Madonna on stage during her show at L.A.’s Dodgers Stadium on Thursday. Dressed in a white tuxedo-style shirt and black wide-leg trousers, Spears walked on stage at the end of Madonna’s tune “Human Nature,” singing the last verse. Pointing to Spears, Madonna then yelled, “She’s not your bitch!” Although Spears didn’t dance, Madonna spun around her, hugged her and kissed her hand.

She’s not yours either, Madonna.