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The gift of giving food to the hungry

braeden-presenting-3bHunger is a world issue.

There are many people and foundations who help feed those in need.

My son, Brae, age 10, has developed his own project to feed the hungry and it is called 3B: Brae’s Brown Bag Foundation.

Here is a bit of what 3B is all about:

3B stands for Brae’s Brown Bags. I came up with this idea after winning the 2013 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge and sitting with the First Lady Michelle Obama at the Kids’ State Dinner. She asked me how I could pay the experience forward. I’ve been trying to do that ever since!

I am learning a lot about food scarcity and issues related to being homeless or poor. These are things I didn’t know much about only a few months ago. I think 3B is something which could be implemented at schools or recreation centers for under reached children who have high percentages of obesity. I learned that many people who have a hard time finding food to feed their family have an even harder time finding healthy food options that they can afford.

3B bags have three healthy snacks and a water bottle with a note from me. My Mom and I wrote a grant and received $500 from DoSomething.org for my project. DoSomething.org people asked me what kind of super hero power I would want if I could have one. At first I said I would like to have speed or read minds, but I think that kids can be their own super hero. I think if people see what kids can do and they let kids rise to the occasion than we can help the world and that is the best super power ever.

It’s important to me that people understand 3B bags are unique. They are healthy and encouraging to people. It’s more than just a hand out, it’s a message of hope.

We have two stops to make next week to hand out bags to those in need. One is on the Monday before Christmas and one is on the Saturday after Christmas. But people are in need of food at all times during the year.

If you ever have the desire to help out you can create your own “Brae’s Brown Bag” and have it in your car in case you come across someone in need. Or you can check out Brae’s donation page and see how to help with in-kind donations or monetary donations. Every little bit helps.


3B Brae’s Brown Bags Receives Grant

Of course since 3B: Brae’s Brown Bags is an important cause to me I absolutely have to share with you this amazing news.

Braeden Mannering, 10-year-old, has received a $500 grant from DoSomething.org to go towards his Brae’s Brown Bags project.

This is very exciting news and you can read more about it on his blog.

Brae’s Brown Bags in Wilmington, DE

braeden-mannering-emmanuel-dining-roomMy son, Braeden, will be giving out Brae’s Brown Bags in Wilmington, De at the Emmanuel Dining Room on Sunday August 25, 2013.

He wrote about meeting Brother Miguel and the opportunity he has been given to really put Brae’s Brown Bags out there in the community.

You can read about the visit in his words on his website.

What I wanted to share further is the email I received in response from Brother Miguel. It touched my heart and I hope it will touch yours as well. When things like this happen it is proof there is hope for our world and I could not be prouder of Braeden than I am right now.

What an enjoyable visit with you and Brae. Thank you for your visit and time.

It is truly inspiring to meet a child so interested in helping others and doing good deeds. He has a clear vision of what he wants to accomplish. You are blessed with such an altruistic son, who shows such potential to achieve greatness in his life. For that reason as well, we felt we must do everything possible to support and encourage Brae in his efforts while also meeting the daily needs of our guests who visit us for a meal. Eagerly, I await August 25th as a special day for this meaningful project.

Thanks for the photos as well. If I can suggest photos on the 25th with Brae handing out the bags and especially to other children, this would perhaps inspire others and most importantly children and teens to reach out with care to people who are in need.

PS As we mentioned in our meeting and with your permission, we would love to include this story in our Reaching Out newsletter.

Br. Miguel Ramirez OFM Cap.

Program Director
Emmanuel Dining Room

Braeden is attending the Kids’ State Dinner at The White House (Delaware winner)

Braeden’s reaction when he first read the letter saying he won.

If you have not heard about the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge and Kids’ State Dinner then get comfortable because you’re about to get schooled.

Our son, Braeden (age 9) who I talk about often on this site entered the contest in early May. We received paperwork about it from his 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Buckingham at Keene Elementary School. When I read over the contest I thought to myself it would perfect for Braeden to enter. When I brought it to his attention he immediately was interested in entering. He has a myriad of diet related issues and restrictions so when he was thinking about a recipe he also thought about what he would like to eat.

He created a recipe which he named “Tortilla Bowl Deluxe” and it includes a tortilla bowl, sliced grilled chicken, diced avocados and tomatoes, orange sweet pepper, grated Monterrey Jack cheese and salt and pepper to taste. On the side he recommended a tropical fruit selection including pineapple, melons and mangoes.

“I wanted to make something healthy, but it’s also colorful and it’s fun,” Braeden says of his recipe.

braeden-mannering-tortilla-recipeHis recipe won and he will be representing the State of Delaware at the Kids’ State Dinner held at the White House and hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday, July 9. Braeden, along with 53 other winners representing all U.S. states, three territories and the District of Columbia were notified earlier this week and today the news went viral.

We will be arriving early into Washington, DC the morning of Monday, July 8th and have been given a very full itinerary of amazing events to attend.

Since the news broke this morning Channel 6 Action News reached out wanting to interview Brae and the office of Senator Carper reached out to say that Senator Carper would like to meet Braeden while we are in DC. The news has been so excited for Braeden, for our whole family, all of our friends and even co-workers are supremely excited. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Braeden and for the all of the other winners. I want to offer a big congratulations to all of the kids who entered and to all of the kids who will be attending the dinner. All of you should be incredibly proud this is something you will remember fondly forever.