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Top 10 Places to Find Reliable Concert Reviews

concertLet’s face it; some concert performers simply are way better than others. So we set out to find places that concert goers can visit for legitimate and helpful concert reviews. Fans will agree that it’s so important to do research before attending concerts, especially considering how expensive tickets can get. Checking beforehand which performers are known to amaze compared to the ones who often disappoint is the first step to having a great time at the show. Here’s the list we came up with…

1. Facebook.com

Let’s begin with the most obvious choice. If you want 100% confidence that you’re going to get the most accurate review for today’s top concerts, make a trip to Facebook. While the performer’s websites may offer reviews, it’s hard to feel that they are totally unbiased. On Facebook, you’ll also get personal advice from concert goers and fans everywhere. Make sure to check the comments and likes of the performer’s concert pages.

2. Twitter.com

No matter what event you attend, there are sure to be people talking and tweeting about it on Twitter. Make sure to check trending topics for any reviews or insight from fans that have recently seen concerts. They’re the ones who will give you actual input and feedback about their experiences. Because you can’t delete tweets from trends, you can be sure this is the most unbiased way to get the best concert reviews.

3. Ticketmaster.com

Since opening for business in 1976, Ticketmaster has been one of the largest companies in the world when it comes to tickets. You can access Ticketmaster online anytime. On every individual performer page, you can see a string of news and comments. Here, you can get info on concerts and tours that are updated daily. But I am skeptical about the credibility of these comments and reviews, since Ticketmaster seem that they have had a secret agenda when it comes to selling tickets.

4. HollywoodReporter.com

When it comes to concert reviews, no one knows their stuff like the concert reviews section of the Hollywood Reporter. They are constantly polling and receiving feedback from their fan base and displaying the nation’s collective opinions on the latest concerts and tours today. They touch on most major genres of music including Rock, Hip Hop, Country, R&B, and many others. All concert information is unbiased and up-to-date.

5. StubHub.com

StubHub is one of the kings of online ticket sales. Many concert goers rely on StubHub’s well-organized system of reviews and responses through their large social presence on Facebook and Twitter. But with a campaign like the Ticket Oak, how much credibility can they really have?

6. RedHotSeats.com

Red Hot Seats has carved out a nice niche in excelling in two areas: website layout and customer service. They are constantly bringing you the latest information in regards to specific tour dates and concert tickets while providing lots of user feedback through performer articles and venue information.

7. Online Forums

It’s easy to overlook online forums, so make sure to utilize them also. If you want to attend a particular concert event, find some forums dedicated to the artist that is playing. Not only will you be able to find threads about reviews, but you can also post your own inquiries. Busy forums will provide busy back-and-forth chatter to answer most of your questions. One drawback is that they can be very difficult to find.

8. ConcertTour.org

Concert Tour supplies hundreds of interactive polls and great feedback from the best critics on the web today. Each artist’s performance is analyzed from concert fans everywhere, and all information is totally unbiased since there are no ticket sales or advertisements on this site.

9. Wikipedia

With a massive amount of information available at your fingertips, you have a good reason to at least consider Wikipedia when looking for concert reviews. Looking up an artist is simple, whether you do it through the actual site or just though Google (since Wikipedia will appear #1 in almost every search). Here you can find basic info about the artist’s tours and concert specifications, but you are limited when it comes to personal reviews.

10. Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers is a great open forum that allows users to ask anything and other users to give their best shots to answer. And out of the list of answers that you receive, you can choose the best for future users asking the same question. Asking “How was the Justin Bieber concert?” will get you plenty of unbiased answers from people everywhere, and hopefully you will get the info you need.

Keith Urban Escape Together World Tour Dates

Keith Urban, who is set to release his fifth studio album next month (March 31, 2009), has revealed the first round of dates for his upcoming “Escape Together World Tour.” So far, the country star has 30 stops booked across the country through August, and the outing is expected to grow to more than 50 North American dates.

The artist will be joined by Taylor Swift, Sugarland, Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean and the Zac Brown Band on select tour dates.

A select number of seats on his Escape Together World Tour will be sold for $20 each, and the excess transaction fees for the bargain passes have been waived.

Keith says, “It’s easy to see that people out there are hurting. And if these ticket prices can help some of them to let loose, forget about their daily grind and enjoy a night of music, then that’s what we intend to give them and everyone else that comes out to our shows.”

He’ll be near me on August 1, 2009 at the Wachovia Center. =o)

May 7 – 8 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Arena
May 9 University Park, PA Bryce Jordan Center
May 15 Rosemont, IL Allstate Arena
May 28 Charleston, WV Charleston Civic Center
May 29 Roanoke, VA Roanoke Civic Center
May 30 Huntsville, AL Von Braun Center Arena
June 5 Cincinnati, OH US Bank Arena
June 6 Auburn Hills, MI Palace of Auburn Hills
June 7 Fort Wayne, IN Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
June 11 St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center
June 13 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena
June 17 Greenville, SC Bi-Lo Center
June 18 Charlotte, NC Time Warner Cable Arena
June 19 Raleigh, NC RBC Center
June 27 Des Moines, IA Wells Fargo Arena
June 28 Moline, IL i wireless Center
July 9 Omaha, NE Qwest Center
July 10 Wichita, KS Kansas Coliseum
July 11 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
July 15 Denver, CO Pepsi Center
July 19 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center
July 25 Glendale, AZ Jobing.com Arena
July 31 Boston, MA TD Banknorth Garden
August 1 Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center
August 8 Kansas City, MO Sprint Center
August 13 Pittsburgh, PA Mellon Arena
August 14 Columbus, OH Nationwide Arena
August 18 Hershey, PA Giant Center
August 21 Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena
August 27 Charlottesville, VA John Paul Jones Arena

The tour continues this summer with a final performance on August 27th at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, NC. About 20 additional North American dates are expected to be announced shortly.

Styx and Def Leppard

There were six of us, on the lawn, center stage pumped and ready to see Def Leppard perform at the Tweeter Center. The place was packed with fans and the energy was undeniable.

Styx opened and I love them. I’m such a sucker for late 70s and 80s music. Styx has amazing guitar players, but James “J.Y.” Young and Lawrence Gowan share the keys and so they are my favorites. =o) Oh my gosh “Crystal Ball” is just such an awesome song, I love it! And of course “Come Sail Away” which I don’t know how anyone could not like that song. Hehe.

And then the headlining band we all trekked into Camden, New Jersey for…Def Leppard. And my Vivian Campbell, he is so dreamy. He joined Def Leppard in 1992 at the age of 30…and let me just tell you, he is aging well. =o)

But my favorite album is from 1983, pre-Campbell and that is their third album Pyromania. Next favorite would be Retro Active from 1993 and that was Vivian’s first album with Def Leppard.

The show was just awesome. I have seen them in concert before, and I really don’t think it could ever be less than awesome honestly. They played some tracks they don’t normally play and not much of their new material. I think because this fall they are releasing something new and and that promotional tour will carry new material. So this one was for us die hard fans who have been following since well…for me…since I was in diapers. =o)

And of course the crew of people I watched with were also great. Lauren, Dave, Steen, Brian and of course Bri. =o) We had such a great time, the weather was perfect, the seats were great and the night was wonderful!

Well. Except for the Camden stench. Haha.

Def Leppard – “Hysteria” (mp3)
Styx – “It Takes Love” (mp3)

Andrew Bird renders me speechless…

Everything you have ever heard about Andrew Bird as a live performer has probably been underestimated. I find myself unable to accurately describe to you just how phenomenal the show was last night.

So. I was momentarily rendered speechless. But clearly I got over it. Haha.

Brian and I went to see Andrew Bird at the TLA in Philly (now known as the Filmore). Joan as Police Woman opened for him. I am a fan of both acts and was thrilled to have the chance to see them. When we got up there at 7:30 p.m. there was already a pretty hefty line and doors didn’t open until 8 p.m. for a 9 p.m. show. Clearly, the venue had sold out and as we were crammed like sardines that was even more evident once we were inside. Even though we were early enough to sit instead of have to stand, we still found our view completely obscured most of the time.

Joan as Police Woman has a haunting voice that belts out so loudly she probably wouldn’t even need a mic. Unfortunately, the crowd was rude and loud and I felt really bad for her. She is a fantastic pianist and guitarist in addition to her voice, but people were completely disrespectful to her. Even so, she played through her set and thanked us for being there. In addition to thanking “Mary” which is who the crowd named the figmented presence that Joan told us was staring the stage with her last night. She is a very strange bird that is for damn sure.

Onto Andrew Bird.

Hmm how can I describe the stage. There was a siamese, spinning gramophone. Yep. And this zebra striped bigger gramophone… All very cool, I’ve not seen anything quite like that before. It was interesting to see him play all the different parts to the songs, because on the tracks most of what you hear is him. It’s all his samplings meshed together into perfection. So seeing him on the violin, switching to guitar, changing mics to do his hand claps and then whistling. It was just awesome!

I think his voice is very unique though I would compare it to Sting and Gary Lightbody. He has such an amazing range both vocally and instrumentally; to see it in person was incredible! If you ever get a chance to see him, do it. Even if you don’t know his music, it will be a show that will not disappoint.

And I have to give major kudos to the awesome guy who put the “verified age” band aroud my wrist. After telling him I get anxious in big crowds he kindly told me that he would make sure we were taken care of. =o)

Andrew Bird – “Imitosis” (mp3)
Joan as Police Woman – “The Ride” (mp3)

Two great bands in one night

I just read on Indietastic who says they read on The Yellow Stereo that…

The National will be opening for The Arcade Fire during several shows!

5/1 – Atlanta, GA: Atlanta Civic Center Theater
5/2 – Asheville, NC: Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
5/4 – Washington, DC: DAR Constitution Hall
5/5 – Upper Darby, PA: Tower Theatre
5/7 – New York, NY: United Palace
5/8 – New York, NY: United Palace

So get your tickets ASAP!