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February Contest Time – Angie Stone CD

Let’s celebrate Black History Month with another contest! Angie Stone released her new album on October 16, 2007 and there’s no better giveaway to honor Black History Month with then this record. The Art of Love and War was released on the label Stax which you may recognize as being the label for Otis Redding, The Emotions and Luther Ingram (just to name a few). Of course, Concord Records, owns them now, but they have carried on the same great music.

Angie Stone feels this is her best album yet. Stone exclaims, “This is a reflection of where I am both mentally and spiritually and what I feel I’ve attained at this point in my life.” Wiht that kind of intensity and passion put into music you just know it has to be good. Stone’s previous work earned her the reputation of a modern-day Aretha; talk about getting a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T, to be compared to someone so great!

Her music is sweet and, for me, quite inspirational. The lyrics give a fresh perspective of how we should look out our lives and feel good about it. This is the type of music which could be classified as timeless and listened to for years to come. This seems to be what Stone was going for, “I think my personal favorite is ‘Happy Being Me,’ Stone points out. “I guess that title gives you a clue about how I’m feeling right now.”

Make sure to leave a comment on this post and in a couple weeks I will pick a winner (randomly) and let y’all know who the lucky person is who will get this CD, wrapped and sealed to listen to vocal prowess Angie Stone whenever the moment suits them.

This contest ends at 12 p.m. on Friday, February 22, 2008. A winner will be chosen at random from the comments below using random.org.

Angie Stone – “My People” (mp3)

First contest of the year, Meow!

Let’s start 2008 off right, shall we? I vote yes and for our first contest of the new year Bring Me Up is giving away two concert tickets to see Cat Power!!!

One of the posters up in my office is a Cat Power poster print from a show they did in February of 2006. So you know I’m a fan, plus I have posted their songs numerous times on this blog already.

Chan Marshal is the “rawr” behind Cat Power and she has recently been travelling around in India with a charity group. She is writing and filming the experience. She’ll be back in London by the end of the month right around the time her latest album releases on January 21st in Europe (also her birthday) and on the 22nd in the states.

Jukebox, is a different album type than Cat Power normally puts out and I’m actually not sure how I feel about it. The entire album is cover songs, but with Cat Power’s minimalistic approach and feel. She has done covers before, so we know she’ll veer off the lyrical path from time to time and throw in her own words, but the focus of course will be on the original. (Her first cover album released back in 2000).

Either way, no matter how you look at it, Chan Marshal has an amazing voice and given her current state of mind (cheating boyfriends and slum trips through India) I have a feeling the show is going to be intense.

Cat Power will be at the Starlight Ballroom in Philly on Friday, February 8th, doors open at 7:30. You need to comment by January 25th to be entered into the contest. (Please only enter once, the winner will be chosen at random).

Leave a comment on this post if you are interested in going to the show. The tickets are general admission and the value of this prize is $50.

The tuneage:
Cat Power – “Sea of Love” (mp3)
Cat Power – “Living Proof” (mp3)

T-Shirt Design Competition

“The current theme this time is: I Am Thinking..

To celebrate Allmightys one year anniversary, we are launching an open t-shirt design ideas competition. We want your ideas, about anything and everything. Show us what you are thinking, what interests you and what we should be thinking. Anything goes!”

Submission Deadline: 11th February 2008, 23.00 GMT

Once the winner is announced and the shirts are created portions of the proceeds will be given to cancer research. As for the winner’s prize, it is pretty much ongoing, every 3 months commissions they have made on the sales of their t-shirts.

Sounds like a sweet deal to me, so jump on it!