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Day dreaming about puppy dogs

doggishWe lost our doggie over two years ago and since then my middle child, Finn, has brought up the idea of getting a new dog on more than one occasion. However, my husband says we have to wait until we have a bigger home with a larger yard and therefore our Finn has stuffed animals.

Even so every now and then I go to those websites that allow you to look through galleries of adorable puppy dog faces (Check out this Puppy Website) and I get all squishy inside waiting and hoping for a puppy dog to come home and just not leave.

The best place for me to look is Doggish.com because it’s an Australian website and therefore I won’t get all super attached since I live here in the US of A. Anyway, the great thing about Doggish is that they absolutely do not advertise any pups that come from those puppy breeding farms which is wonderful.

Our Mya was a maltese. She lived a rather long life and was super silly almost until her very last breath.

Doggish.com doesn’t just woo you with their cute dog photos they also tell you things you need to know like what to look for in  breeder and even tips before your search actually begins.

So now that my lunch break is over I should probably just stop day dreaming about doggies and get back to work.

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Hero Dog Awards on Hallmark Channel Tonight #herodogawards

hero-dog-awardHow wonderful is it to have a show devoted to the hero dogs of our lives?

What a sweet notion this is because so often all we hear about are the dogs who need to be rescued, and while it is true there are many, I don’t want people to forget all the dogs out there who actually DO the rescuing.

You should totally tune into the Hallmark Channel tonight, October 30, 2013 at 8pm to show these furry friends some love.

The American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards celebrate the powerful relationship between dogs and people. These amazing dogs provide compassion and comfort to transform people’s lives with their unconditional love, devotion, and intuition. Hero Dogs are ordinary dogs doing extraordinary things.

The Hero Dog Awards is a nearly year-long education and awareness campaign to highlight the heroes on both ends of the leash.