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Design a monster for Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights @HorrorNights

Halloween-Horror-Nights-Design-A-Character-ContestUniversal StudiosHalloween Horror Nights 2013 “Design a Character” Contest. Universal is giving everyone a chance to design and re-invent their own Universal Classic Monster and have it brought to life this year at HHN! Enter a detailed drawing or written description of your character design based one of the iconic monsters on their list (including Dracula, Werewolf, Mummy, etc.). The winner and a guest will be invited to attend their design unveiling at the red carpet opening night in Hollywood.

Knowing the amazing work that goes into monster design from previous Halloween Horror Nights, I can without doubt say that I would not at all be able to enter this content. As much as I love the idea of being crafty and creative, I’m really not. I’m a programmer. Give me lines of code and I’ll animate a monster online for you ;)

For those of you out there who ARE into Horror Nights and designing then get busy!

All entries must be submitted by July 1st.

Then, you can vote on the finalists featured on the Halloween Horror Nights Facebook page on July 2nd.

Full contest rules and guidelines can be downloaded here.

The original Dracula is 116 years old!

Bram Stoker‘s first horror story, The Chain of Destiny, was published in 1875, while his first novel, The Snake’s Pass came out in 1890. But it was not until 1897’s Dracula that he really had a hit on his hands.

According to a VictorianWeb.org biography, his interest in the supernatural and the occult trace back to a childhood illness that left him bed-ridden until age seven.

Google today is celebrating the 165th birthday of the author with a homepage doodle that pays homage to his literary contributions.

Just thought you ought to know ;)

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