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Happy Earth Day #googledoodle

googledoodle_earthdayGoogle has an interactive Doodle on their main search engine page in honor of Earth Day. Be sure to check it out and watch while the sun rises and sets through an animated nature scene.

For some neat Earth Day Printables check out my post from earlier this month.

Curiosity.com from Discovery has a super cool video which is supposed to be Earth Day in the year 2020. It starts off with warning Manhattan of a tsunami. Wow, quite a prediction for something only 7 years out. It’s pretty realistic while you listen, I wonder what Manhattan would do in such a scenario. Interesting to think about.

Counting down to Earth Day; April 22nd

While it is true that every day should be treated like Earth Day, I can appreciate the thousands of blog posts and news articles which hit the interwebs this time of year dedicated to our Mother Earth.

This year the Earth Day Network has made a call to all of us to submit photos that will help them to personalize what the people of the world are doing to help battle climate change. Simply put they are asking, “What are you doing to be part of the solution?”

The easiest way to participate is to simply take a picture of yourself or your friends doing something environmentally-friendly while holding up a sign that says “The Face of Climate Change.” The more people who participate, the more powerful it will be.

The best photos could win Earth Day merchandise and be featured on the Earth Day Network website.

Here are some Earth Day Printables for you to enjoy!

Click Image to Download Full Coloring Page


Click to Download Award Earth Day Award


Click to Download the Earth Day Door Hangers
Click to Download the Earth Day Door Hangers


Click to Download Earth Day Infographic

More printables you can find other places:

Earth Day Music with The Giving Tree Band #earthday

The Giving Tree Band are incredibly happy to be kicking off this years Earth Day Celebration today with a fire sale of their past two full-length albums with 50% of proceeds going to Global Green USA. Unified Folk Theory (2007) sells for 4.99, and Great Possessions (2009) for 3.99. Fans can walk away with both for $6.99 (51 tracks total), as well as download and share two songs for free via their “Earth Day Sampler” widget.

Tomorrow April 23rd The Giving Tree Band continue the celebration with a performance at the University of Chicago Earth Day Festival.

Dubbed the “Greenest band in the land,” according to Mother Earth News the Giving Tree Band are based out of Yorkville, IL, about an hour south of Chicago. They are well known for their eco-friendly efforts as well as their “stirring musicianship, exemplary songwriting, and emotionally engaged performances,” (The Bluegrass Special). They write well-crafted albums that “resonate with a spirit that transcends centuries.” (Honest Tune Magazine)

Additional information on The Giving Tree Band including summer tour dates and their green initiatives may be found on their website.

About Global Green USA

Global Green USA – the American arm of President Gorbachev’s Green Cross International – was founded in 1993, and is a national leader in advocating for smart solutions to climate change. For more than 15 years, Global Green has helped green nearly $20 billion nationally in affordable housing, school, and municipal building construction that saves energy, reduces CO2 emissions, improves health, and creates green jobs. Global Green is the only national environmental group headquartered in Southern California and has offices in New Orleans, New York City and Washington, DC.

Earth Day Involvement Against Toxic Chemicals

America’s toxic chemical standards are outdated and weak. Of more than 80,000 chemicals that have entered the market, only about 200 have been required to be tested. Every American alive today, including newborn babies, has hundreds of these chemicals flowing through our bloodstreams.

Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) has introduced legislation to overhaul America’s failed toxic chemicals law.

The Safe Chemicals Act of 2010 is a landmark bill that will strengthen the way the government protects Americans from dangerous toxic chemicals.

This landmark legislation would do a lot to protect the public from toxic chemicals. It would:

— Require basic health and safety information for all chemicals;
— Ensure that chemicals meet health-based safety standard that protects vulnerable groups, including workers and children; and
— Provide fast action for some of the most notorious chemicals, like formaldehyde, lead, and toxic flame-retardants.

Since the first Earth Day 40 years ago, much has changed in the environmental movement — from tougher environmental standards to new environmental threats.

But one thing hasn’t changed — we still rely on the power of grassroots activism to promote strong environmental policies.

EDF is a founding member of the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families campaign and supports its platform for strong toxic chemicals reform.

You can take action to strengthen standards for toxic chemicals >>

Google’s Earth Day Promo

What do you think about Google’s take on an Earth Day promo?

This is the logo on their main search engine page. At first look I loved it, I knew it was meant to promote Earth Day for 2009 and I took in all the colors and themes. The greens and the blues, the water and the earth, everything is lovely.

But I’m not sure I get the lettering. I see the waterfall is representing the “L” but what is happening with the second “g” in Google?



There is an event on May 3, 2009 hosted by the Earth Day Event Board, the Virginia Beach Clean Community Commission, and Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation. Their logo is big, very green and seems to be taking advantage of some of the better vector shapes out in web land. But I’m not sure it reflects any sort of “Earth Day” theme message although it’s not a bad piece of art to look at otherwise.

I will say it looks like a young designer just had fun splashing vectors all around.

What do you think about it?


I’m seeing many websites right now talking about the “selling” of Earth Day. Since its creation by United States senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970, Earth Day’s reach has spread around the world and is now marked in about 175 countries. It seems only natural that companies and brands would try to piggy back on the awareness factor, right?

Forbes.com has an article online right now about this topic.

How Do You Make Earth Day Good For Your Company?

Earth Day is 38 years old!

Today we celebrate Earth Day!

My son and his friends will be planting something at day care. He is super excited about that as they have been talking about planting and the environment all month in their lessons.

It is important to discuss the environment with your children every day all year round. They will learn and retain which means as adults they will be conscientious of the world around them.

On this day make an effort to visit Local Nature Preserves, parks and/or trails. GO out for a walk, enjoy the sunshine, put on some gloves and pick up litter nearby your home. There are many things you can do each day to help make our Earth a healthier place.

There is a site up right now called “Plant a Billion Trees” where you can donate just $1 in an effort to repopulate the Atlantic Forest. A wonderful fact in regards to this campaign, 246,715 trees have been planted since April 3, 2008 when this program started.

Be sure to check out the Earth Day Global Network for more information. The Earth Day Network “seeks to grow and diversify the environmental movement worldwide, and to mobilize it as the most effective vehicle for promoting a healthy, sustainable planet.” And you definitely want to play a part in such a wonderful cause. After all, this is your home, too.

Become energy-independent

EnergyHotwire.com is the first fully comprehensive web site that teaches Americans how we can be energy-independent with a well-diversified team of experts led by Environmental Scientist & Energy Consultant Bill Lauto.

This Earth Day, April 22, the all-new version of EnergyHotwire.com will be launched, focusing our nation on step-by-step goals to help lower energy bills up to 60% without sacrifice! “We have the technology; we can be energy independent,” Lauto has stated for over ten years.

Along with learning how to lower energy bills on topics such as Appliances, Cooking, Cooling, Heating, Insulation, Lighting, Shrubs, Solar, Water, Windows, and Doors, viewers can email EnergyHotwire.com with specific energy-related questions.

Right now the site is a mess, but it should be put together by the 22nd.