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Be the Buffy to your Vampire Energy

vampire-energyDid you know billions of dollars are wasted each year on electricity for appliances in homes that are “turned off?”

Yesterday, the Earth Day Network introduced their first action of the series: Slaying Vampire Energy. Even when appliances are turned off, they still consume electricity, called “Vampire Energy.” Each year, vampire energy is estimated to cost US consumers $11 billion. Since the majority of electricity is produced by fossil fuel power plants, vampire energy is also responsible for millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year!

Fortunately, there are several easy steps we can take to cut down on vampire energy. Unplug appliances and chargers when they are not in use, plug appliances into power strips, which can be easily turned on and off with one button, or replace old appliances with energy efficient models.

Make the pledge to reduce the amount of electricity wasted in your home today! Tell your friends! And be sure to engage with the Earth Day Network on Twitter: #ActOfGreen.

Counting down to Earth Day; April 22nd

While it is true that every day should be treated like Earth Day, I can appreciate the thousands of blog posts and news articles which hit the interwebs this time of year dedicated to our Mother Earth.

This year the Earth Day Network has made a call to all of us to submit photos that will help them to personalize what the people of the world are doing to help battle climate change. Simply put they are asking, “What are you doing to be part of the solution?”

The easiest way to participate is to simply take a picture of yourself or your friends doing something environmentally-friendly while holding up a sign that says “The Face of Climate Change.” The more people who participate, the more powerful it will be.

The best photos could win Earth Day merchandise and be featured on the Earth Day Network website.

Here are some Earth Day Printables for you to enjoy!

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Click to Download the Earth Day Door Hangers
Click to Download the Earth Day Door Hangers


Click to Download Earth Day Infographic

More printables you can find other places:

Water, Waste, Energy and Green Building

The Center for ReSource Conservation has been around for over 30 years (in one form or another) educating people about energy technology. It has only been during the last 5 years they have branched out and begun working within four realms: Water, Waste, Energy, and Green Building.

In May of 2007 they released an article to the press titled, “Spring greening: 50 simple ways to be environmentally responsible.” The article includes tips such as, “Water before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. to prevent evaporation.” Helpful green tips like that are important to share because a lot of people honestly just don’t know why or what to do to “be green.”

They are also responsible for installing solar hot water systems in low income housing units around Boulder, Colorado, their home base. On Sunday, September 30, 2007, they will be presenting The Boulder Tour of Solar and Green Built Homes. If you can make it out there you should check it out to “see first-hand that solar and green built homes are comfortable, practical, reliable, and affordable.” It’s all part of Solar Week in Boulder.

Solar Cell Initiative

Working for the University of Delaware as their web developer has been such an amazing experience. Being fortunate enough to be the developer for their College of Agriculture & Natural Resources in addition to their Cooperative Extension Programs for each county in Delaware has been an even greater experience. I’m learning so much about what is going on with the farms and environment around my own home. Things I never would have known about otherwise. This has piqued my interested in finding more Energy resource information to do my part in helping out.

For the last two years, UD has been leading the solar cell initiative. There are fifteen other participating colleges in the nation. Partial funding is being received from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). At UD, the goal is to create solar cells that operate at about 54 percent efficiency in the laboratory and 50 percent in production.

This spring, the U.S. Department of Energy highlighted 13 industry-led solar technology development projects for negotiation of up to $168 million (FY’07-’09), subject to appropriation from Congress; Newark, Delaware (home to the University of Delaware’s main campus) was one of the 13 highlighted. There has been an abundant amount of people furiously working to find alternative energy plans. There are websites which give more information and explanations of why this is so important. Energy resources information.

I believe more and more colleges and companies will begin to put forth stronger efforts to harness solar energy as a form of electricity. Solar energy is a clean, renewable energy source and with the price of electricity and gas these days it is imperative to find other means of not only creating, but storing solar power. It is very exciting for me to be able to spread the word about what my employer is doing to aide this cause. And it’s even more thrilling to know I will be developing sites to further promote alternative energy methods.

This is a sponsored post.

Earth Day

Founded 37 years ago, Earth Day has always been about celebrating the nature in the present tense and making sure we leave it in good conditions for the future.

Defenders of Wildlife are asking parents to take a pledge stating they will be taking their child out to celebrate Earth Day. You could take them to a State Park or to a Wilderness Area, whatever it is that floats your boat.

The Earthday Network has a lot of great information to read up on and share with your children as well. And you know, you don’t have to be a parent, you can take your nephew or niece out or maybe the child you babysit on occasion.