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Who knew Brooke Burke-Charvet was so mom smart!? #backtoschool

brookeNew popular video-based parenting site, Kids in the House has just added a fresh new video from Brooke Burke-Charvet, CEO of ModernMom.com and Founder of online store Babooshbaby.com.

She begins her video by saying, “So, back to school mania. It’s crazy, and I’ve got it times four. So, the only way that I’m going to survive the chaos is to get really, super organized. So, I’ve got a bunch of different things that I do to help manage that crazy time.” I almost jumped ship when she was talking about being super organized because I try and I fail, miserably. But I kept watching and listening and her tips really do make sense, but more importantly they seem plausible. I think I can work with these ideas. :)

Burke-Charvet is among good company at Kids in the House, which features more than 8,000 videos from 450 experts. Many of the videos help parents cope with the anxiety of starting the new school year but the site has seen Burke-Charvet’s video receive an overwhelmingly positive response.

“Sometimes advice from a parent who has hard-earned wisdom to share can be the most helpful,” says Parenting Trend Expert and Founder of Kids in the House, Leana Greene. “Brooke Burke-Charvet gives great tips on how to get organized and make going back to school a drama-free event. As a mother of four, Brooke has personal experience to share on how difficult it is to make it all balance as a working mom.”


Deals and Gadgets for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day #deals

Are you looking for any geekified toys to get someone for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day?

I’m fortunate, my husband loves geeky things and so it’s fun to find things for the boys to give him for Father’s Day.

The Geek Toys 2012 has everything all in one place for people looking for the perfect gift. I suggest looking first, then having your kids look with you at some pre-picked options. Any extra perk is their Amazon promotional code which helps if you are looking to buy the item at Amazon. I am an Amazon Prime Member so I do most of my shopping through Amazon.

Also, my Mom appreciates gifts for her pets. So I might treat her Pomeranian and Yorkie for Mother’s Day. You can find Petsmart coupons at this link. She takes “her girls” on walks every day so perhaps a new pretty purple leash is in store.

The links provided here will help you find come cool new gadgets and things, but more importantly since they all come from GeekAlerts.com they will also help you save money. Surprising people with thoughtful gifts AND saving money is the best of both worlds, right?

Happy shopping!

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Please tell me you’ve signed up with Totsy

Totsy offers moms on-the-go and moms-to-be access to brand-specific sales, up to 70% off retail, just for them and the kids, ages 0-7.

You read right, age 0, which means, yes mamas, pre-natal care deals as well.

And they are the first site of their kind to choose as many sustainable and socially responsible companies as their affiliates as possible. Totsy also plants one tree in honor of your child when you make your first purchase. How sweet is that!?

Who says shopping can’t save the world?

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Korean Culture

This book took me awhile to read. The time it took was not longer just because I have had less time, but also because it is about a culture of which I am not very familiar. “House of the Winds” by Mia Yun is a story which at times drug along, but at other times was quite insightful.

The story takes place in different parts of Korea over time, but for the most part in the city of Seoul. Seoul is in South Korea and is their capitol. We follow this particular family through their struggles caused by the Korean War, as well as through their own personal strife.

The story is told by one of the daughters of the family. She basically narrates while recounting memories, not necessarily in order. She tells about her mother, lack thereof father and her siblings; a brother and sister. Since this is a story of memories there were often times when I wondered if pieces were elaborated or spun into a fairytale quality. It could have just been that Mia Yun has a unique and beautiful way of describing things, even when they are frightening memories.

***spoiler alert***

I folded down corners of some pages that I wanted to share excerpts from, because I found them thought provoking and interesting.

In one instance, she was remembering something her mother had told her about happiness. She recalls this during a period of time when her older sister had runaway from home.

“About happiness. Happiness is not something one grabs out of the air and rubs all over like honey. One had to strive for and work for it.”

There is also a section when they mother and children had to move again because their father was still missing in action and mother couldn’t afford the house. When they moved into the much older, much smaller house, the grandmother visited and she brought a box of matches and cakes of soap. The tradition being that wealth would spread like wildfire and multiply like soap bubbles. I thought that was very cute and will probably be using that sentiment for friends in the future. =o)

Last but not least, I enjoyed when our narrator discussed her feeling about books. She was reading profusely, all the time, waiting for her older sisters magazines and getting her hands on any book she could find.

“Then I began to find words I read in books fanciful and elusive – sunlight streaming through my fingers. They could pass right through me and leave me still hungry and empty.” She further goes on to say, “A word was a tricky thing. It could change meaning from one sentence to another. A word could betray me, fail me and confuse me. But I discovered if words are put to music and a voice sings them, they become permanent. This this way, the words form a link from one day to another.”

Like many other parts of the book I really connected with the way she wrote and explained her feelings. She endured so much and yet rarely complained about it because she could find beauty elsewhere.

Some of the book I still don’t really understand. Why is it important to celebrate someone 100 days after their death? What is so special about Carp that eating them is sinful? Why were men taken to fight in the war, never to return, and yet their parents were told nothing? And how can a country be so divided internally whilst also hating all of their neighboring countries? But then…how is that any different than the quirks of my own culture and country? Perhaps not different, perhaps not at all.