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Super Bowl Ads will be the best part of the game this year for sure

My husband has to work during the Super Bowl and neither of the teams we like are in the big game so really all it has going for it are the commercials and of course whatever snacks I decide to make for me and the kids.

One of the talked about ads this year will not be airing and it is for SodaStream. Sadly, Pepsi said they simply won’t allow the competition. Coke on the other hand didn’t really care one way or the other, probably because their commercials are usually awesome anyway.

A commercial which will be airing is one by the America’s Wetland Foundation and it has a super cool story.

The America’s WETLAND Foundation (AWF) will launch its new ‘GAME ON!’ campaign to save coastal Louisiana with an advertisement titled ‘Eagle,’ during Super Bowl XLVIII, expected to be one of the most-watched television events of the year.

game-on-ad“Seventy-four percent of people in this state consider saving the coast to be the most important issue of our lifetime,” said AWF Chair R. King Milling, referencing a statewide poll released last week by the Foundation “The public knows we’re out of time. But we have a plan in place, and if we come together now, we have a chance to accomplish something truly extraordinary.”

AWF’s ad will feature young Louisiana football players as part of a call for teamwork to save the coast for future generations. Louisiana loses the equivalent of a football field of land every 50 minutes, a fact first popularized by AWF when it created a virtual ‘flooding’ of LSU’s Tiger Stadium ten years ago to raise awareness of coastal land loss. Since then, the football field metaphor has helped to generate billions of media impressions throughout the country and around the world.

AWF’s poll found that 97 percent of voters believe it will take a team effort of government, industry, education and non-profit organizations to the restore the coast, agreeing that a unified effort is the best hope for coastal restoration and protection, not assigning blame for what has been lost.

“It’s time for us all to get our game on and that’s the message we’re taking to the public on Super Bowl Sunday,” said AWF Senior Advisor Sidney Coffee. “Think of everything that is rooted in the coastal landscape that is disappearing so rapidly – the unique cultures and communities, vital national economic assets, and a truly critical ecosystem of global significance. With so much at stake, we hope this is one of those Super Bowl ads people remember.”

AWF’s new GAME ON! ‘Eagle’ ad will run both before and during Super Bowl coverage on Fox affiliates and Cox Media throughout southern Louisiana. The ad was produced by Compose Digital Design and Marmillion / Gray Media, both based in Baton Rouge.

Thou shalt only cheat a little bit

This post brought to you by MitchSteedlove. All opinions are 100% mine.

Please. Am I endorsing cheating here? I would love to say no but essentially I really am. Blogmybrain has a really great word finder tool get trafic tool

So what you do is use the code to embed onto your own site. It’s kind of a way to attract traffic if people search online for a word finder. They can use your site to … learn new words.

Once they use your site for finding words for their favorite online word games you know they will bookmark and come back.

So just be sure to have other great content to keep them lurking throughout your site and sharing it with others.

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Hands up if you’re a hidden object game junkie?

My husband and my boys can tell you that I love hidden object games and time management games. I’ll buy one and stay glued to it until I can beat it. Sometimes I share them with my oldest son, Brae, and he will see if he can beat the game before me. He usually does.

There are a lot of places where you can find great games but if you want the best hidden object game (like Women’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet which is based off a James Patterson novel) then you need to hit up Gamehouse.com. You can download and play them right away and they update their site with the newest in your favorite genres all the time.

I normally also end up telling my neighbor/friend Barb about the games, too. She and I have very similar taste in what we do to waste our time, whether on our laptops or with our craftiness. And Gamehouse is a site to share with friends for sure. You can find super saver deals that are $2.99 AND even FREE games. I know of no other site where you can legally obtain free games and thoroughly enjoy them for hours.

Just to prove the site updates all the time, I just see a new hidden object game which was added TODAY. Temple of Life – The Legend of Four Elements Premium Edition, the photo you see in this post is a screenshot of that game. The summary says, “Restore the balance of earthly elements in a fascinating archeological adventure.” Well okay then! See this one in partiuclar is one my Brae would love, he has for a very long time told people he will be an archaeologist when he grows up. Even at the age of 6 years old he would tell me he is going to get married and take his wife on digs in Egypt and that I could watch their kids. Hahaha.