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Nubius Organics Green Dollhouse

You can buy your little girl a modern and eco-friendly dollhouse for Christmas this year. It will help to teach her the importance of recycling materials and reusing them in a home.

The dollhouse’s energy efficient design includes a wind turbine, a solar cell panel and electric inverter for generating electricity, a rain barrel for collecting rain, a biofacade, which uses the natural cycle of plant growth to provide shading, and a blind that can adjust the amount of sunlight and air circulation. Each room is furnished. Also, recycling bins are included in the set.

Hehe, I’m just tickled about this idea.

Made from recycled rubberwood and painted with eco-friendly, vegetable based paint.

Gift a range finder to your future pro golfer

Everyone has a golfer in their family. That guy or girl who goes to the range to blow off steam. Or maybe someone a bit more into it who actually does some traveling to check out courses. So this holiday season be sure to get one of two recent “Brilliance Awards” winning golf rangefinders from Bushnell, the Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder and the Bushnell Tournament Pinseeker to place under the tree for them.

If you have never used a Rangefinder, I’d recommend the Bushnell range finder. It does everything a skycaddie does AND you can laser anything on the course, not just the geographic references the skycaddie has in its course memory. Also, the small size and clip on case are easy to attach to a golf bag or put in the pocket of a golf bag so you needn’t worry about getting them a case for it or anything like that.The only thing to make sure you add to the gift are extra batteries because your golfer friend will definitely be needing them!

Star Wars Lightsaber for the Wii #bargain

Braeden (age 6) plays a game on the Wii (Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels) during which he swings the remote controller around and jumps frantically from side to side as he fights evil. The game didn’t receive great feedback from the likes of techie reviewers like CNET, but as a Mom I can tell you it is a hit with young children for the very same reason CNET didn’t like it. Repetition.

Once your child figures out the right waggle with the controller, he’ll be beating up the bad guys, complete with Star Wars sound effects, like a pro.

So this morning when I logged into the gmail, one of the first e-mails I had was from Tanga. If you don’t get their e-mails then sign up for one now because they have super deals. Today’s special happens to be for a Star Wars Lightsaber for the Wii. Originally they cost $29.99 but Tanga is offering them for $9.99 until their supplies cease.

Just letting y’all know. Especially since it would be a great Christmas present that you could get on sale now and save for later.

Dadisms for Father’s Day

Whether creating your own item for Father’s Day and uploading it to zazzle.com or choosing one of their premade options, you’ll surely find an awesome gift for your Dad or father figure to celebrate Father’s Day. (Though any other time of the year works just as well.)

Zazzle has over 400 styles and colors to choose from when you are customizing a shirt for your Dad. I think shirts are better than ties or mugs, but that would be for my husband or father, because they are not into the whole tie wearing. And my Dad doesn’t drink anything out of a mug except for the occasional cocoa, so it would never be seen.

You can get aprons, too. Hold on, don’t scoff at me. I think a BBQ or grill apron would be a great gift for a Dad. You can pick out a witty graphic or saying from zazzle and then have your gifts leave their painted hand prints at the bottom of the apron. That would be brilliant! After all, Dad’s who grill make the best chefs!

Cupcakes and Funky Wunders

Fun fact of the day, this morning a plane landed on the New Jersey turnpike due to an emergency. It was a one-engine traffic plane. They then had to tow it up the turnpike. The turnpike was closed during this process and for those of you still stuck in the stand still…happy Monday.

Do you think cupcakes are cool? I know I do. Yum!

Here’s a gift idea for your Valentine. A nifty “Cupcakes Are Cool” t-shirt from DOTS (Dressing on the Side) on Etsy. Description, “Cupcakes are in the middle of all happy memories not to mention they are the easiest sweet treat to take anywhere. Plus, almost a guarantee that when you’re enjoying a cupcake–you’ll be at the best birthday party evah.

Amazing and LIMITED pen and ink artwork silkscreened on a supersoft(garment washed for a super soft hand) white womens basic crewneck t-shirt in 100 percent cotton jersey by Alternative Apparel.”

“DRESSiNG oN THE SiDE” means you’re in control of what you wear… so why not wear something way cool?! Late at night (when you’re peacefully snoozing) we think up our pen and ink designs and early in the morning we silkscreen them on the softest t-shirts known to man.

And for those of you with a baby Valentine this year. Don’t forget to get them something lovely to wear. Here is a “Hug and Kisses” baby hat for your love! “Soft, stretchy, and oh, so comfortable bright red-hued hand knit hat with cabled band and light brown needle felted X O symbols.”

The hat is from Funky Wunder’s Etsy shop. Interesting tidbit about Funky Wunder…their favorite materials to work with are “rocks, pebbles, silver, leather, textiles, and yarn.” Go figure. As long as they make cute hats like this available they can play with all the pebbles they want!

Glitz and Goth Valentine

New from the amazing Jasmine of Strangeling. “Valentine Dragon” is the title….. it features a beautiful purple dragonling with a plump red valentine heart, with a silver & pink haired sweetie! Who could turn down this as a Valentine’s Day gift? Jasmine paints with acrylic and she loves what she does. “Most of my time is spent painting. People ask me a lot “how do you have so many paintings?” – the simple answer is that I paint all the time, seriously! When I’m not painting, I’m often at art conventions & shows.”

Here is a Blood Red Magma Crystal Heart Necklace which I saw on ArtFire. The description says, “I made this elegant necklace using a big 18mm faceted Swarovski crystal heart in an amazing fiery red with an aurora borealis finish called Red Magma. I have securely wrapped the bead with sterling silver wire and suspended it from delicate 1mm sterling silver cable chain.” The jewelry designer is GlitzGlitter from Amarillo, Texas. Quick Blurb from the lady: “Using different textures and colors to create unique & fun jewelry is my form of meditation. Mom does the computer stuff.”

Perhaps paintings and jewelry don’t tickle your fancy and you are more of a flower lover or even brussel sprouts? Emily Wooten owns Die Blume (Translated from German means Flower). Her self-described craft is, “Flowers, flowers and more flowers! All shapes, sizes and colors. Even things you wouldn’t consider to be flowers, I use as flowers. I have been known to use asparagus and brussel sprouts in arrangements.” And so there you have it.

Part cat… theRasilisk

Sometimes when you are gift wrapping something, don’t you ever want to just dress it up a bit more than usual? I mean when there is a gift that is more special than others or one you are more excited about?

Rudolph Special Gift Tags
Rudolph Special Gift Tags
Well if you are wrapping any special Christmas gifts this holiday season please head to theRasilisk’s shoppe on Etsy, because they have some of the cutest print work I have seen in awhile. And in particular there is a set of gift tags with the claymation characters from the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer special. “Cute little folding gift tags bearing the best characters from the classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer special.”

The shop also has seasonal greeting cards, one of which is a mad lib style card which is just a fantastic idea. “You can make it as thoughtful and sweet or as zany and wacky as you want.” Love it!